History of the dental implant



More and more people are living with dental implants all around the world and thousands have decided to realize their dental treatment abroad, including in Hungary. We are proud to introduce Budapest as « the dental capital of Europe » with its countless dental clinics and we are convinced that this title can be mainly due to the high quality dental implants that are available in most of the dental clinics in Hungary.

The origins

The idea of the actual concept of dental implants comes from a Swedish professor, Per-Ingvar Brånemark who created the first titanium implants in the 50s’. By the invention of the affinity of the titanium with the bone, the titanium has become the first biocompatible material. The discovery couldn’t be exploited immediately because he needed to collect toothless people for his experiences. This continued by the development of a special screw that could serve as an artificial root and so could hold the fixed dental prosthesis on these implants.

Publication and commercial exploitation

In the middle of the 80s’ the professor revealed his invention and the results of his experiments to the public and so revolutionized the modern dental therapies. This phenomenon of direct connection in between the bone and the titanium (osteointegration) makes the treated tooth resistant, long-lasting and completely reliable.

The first commercial exploitation of the titanium dental implants has come quite quickly after the revelation as the company named Bofors Nobelpharma allied with the professor Brånemark and created their brand, Nobel Biocaire in 1981. The surgeons in our dental clinic in Hungary are also convinced about this product’s highest qualities that evolve with the time.

Dental treatments in Hungary

Thanks to the dissolution of the Eastern Bloc, this revolutionary invention of the dental implant could spread around in the region and the specialists in the dental clinics in Hungary has quickly become experts of these treatments.

Their expertise is such appreciated by the patients who decided to travel abroad for their dental treatment that after leaving the country, they started sharing their good experiences about the dental clinics of Hungary all around the world.

Thus, medical tourism takes an important part of the dental treatments in Hungary and because of the proximity of the airport and the low prices of the flights, patients come to have their dental implants placed particularly in Budapest. The friendly welcome, traditional cuisine and the monuments of this historical city are also attracting visitors to come and discover Budapest in between two appointments at the dental clinic.