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Removable dentures

What is a denture and in what cases is it recommended?

Removable dentures are an affordable tooth replacement method for our patients who are missing all their teeth. If you have your own teeth, but they are not in the right number and position, partial dentures are recommended.

The goal of both full and partial prostheses is to restore the chewing function and the aesthetic effect. Proper chewing is a basic condition for healthy digestion, in the absence of which digestive problems can occur, which can lead to further illness.

Aesthetics is part of our everyday life, without a confident appearance, our self-confidence can decrease significantly. However, a set of dentures made according to our abilities can restore our confidence and even make us look years younger.

Non-fixed, removable dentures

Non-fixed, removable dentures are a traditional solution to replace partial or complete missing teeth. In the case of both prostheses, the teeth are made of plastic. Porcelain teeth cannot be placed in the dentures, as they would pull the dentures out of place due to their weight.

Full plate dentures

Removable dentures must be attached to the gums with a special adhesive. This dental prosthesis is less stable, but it is easier to clean and the price is more favorable.

Non-fixed dentures are not very comfortable to wear, as they can move very easily, which can cause discomfort while eating and speaking. In addition, the phenomenon of atrophy of the jaw bone can also be experienced over time.

This is a consequence of the fact that there are no tooth roots in the bone, which stimulate the pressure of chewing into the bone, thus preventing bone loss. Over time, this bone loss can lead to changes in the shape of the face and displacement of the teeth.

Full plate dentures

Types of partial plate dentures

In the case of partial dentures, the removable element can be connected to your intact teeth, crowns, and bridges in several ways:

  • clip-on (clip-anchored)
  • telescopic (anchored on the telescopic crown)
  • fine mechanical (hidden anchorage)

The disadvantage of the metal clip is that it is not the best solution from an aesthetic point of view. Since in the case of hidden anchorage, the bridge and the removable denture are made together (combined work), it offers a much better aesthetic solution than the metal clasp, and the denture sits stably in the mouth.

Types of partial plate dentures
Telescopic dentures
Fine mechanical (hidden anchorage)
Fine mechanical (hidden anchorage)