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Removable dentures

When the replacement of missing teeth cannot be solved with a tooth implant or a fixed tooth replacement (crown, bridge), then removable dentures are used. This solution is fast and cost-effective.


  • Removable dentures provide stable chewing and do not require the use of denture adhesive
  • Dentures available at a reasonable price
  • They are made in our own dental laboratory, therefore their quality is guaranteed
  • The preparation of removable dentures does not involve a major intervention, so it causes neither pain nor discomfort
  • They are made quickly, therefore the ability to chew can be restored in up to 8 days
  • It gives an aesthetic appearance

Removable dentures in case of partial missing teeth

  • clip-on (metal clip anchored)
  • telescopic (anchored on the telescopic crown)
  • fine mechanical (hidden anchorage)

In case of metal clips, the clips fix the denture to the surface of the remaining teeth or crowns. Since the bridge and the removable denture are made together in case of hidden anchorage and the telescopic one, it offers an aesthetically better solution than the metal clip.

Full plate dentures

Removable dentures in case of complete tooth loss

It is used in case of complete missing teeth. Contrary to misconceptions, the replacement is both chewing stable and aesthetic. The suction effect between the surface of the denture resting on the edentulous jawbone and the gums (mucous membrane) ensures stability. Taking advantage of the anatomical advantages of the oral cavity, it also holds its own in the case of greater bone loss during everyday use.