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Removable dentures

When the replacement of missing teeth cannot be addressed with a tooth implant or a fixed tooth replacement (crown, bridge), removable dentures are the best option in this case. This approach is swift and cost-efficient.


  • Removable dentures ensure stable chewing without the need for denture adhesive.

  • Dentures are available at an affordable price.

  • As they are crafted in our in-house dental laboratory, their quality is assured.

  • The creation of removable dentures doesn’t require significant intervention, ensuring no pain or discomfort.

  • They can be produced promptly, restoring chewing ability in as little as 8 days.

  • They offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Removable Dentures for Partial Tooth Loss

  • Clip-on (secured with a metal clip)

  • Telescopic (secured on the telescopic crown)

  • Fine mechanical (concealed anchorage)

With metal clips, the clips secure the denture to the surface of the remaining teeth or crowns. As both the bridge and the removable denture are crafted simultaneously in the case of concealed anchorage and the telescopic method, it provides a more aesthetically pleasing solution compared to the metal clip.

Full plate dentures

Full Plate Dentures: Removable dentures for complete tooth loss

This type is utilised when there is a total absence of teeth. Contrary to common misconceptions, this replacement is both stable for chewing and aesthetically pleasing. The suction effect between the surface of the denture resting on the toothless jawbone and the gums (mucous membrane) ensures stability. Leveraging the anatomical benefits of the oral cavity, it remains secure even with significant bone loss during daily use.


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