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Dental bridge

What is a dental bridge and what is it for?

A dental bridge is suitable for replacing a missing tooth. Its most important purpose is to permanently replace missing teeth as a stiffened system.

The dental bridge, in terms of its structure, consists of dental crowns. The crown is only made for one tooth, while the dental bridge provides a complete solution for replacing several teeth.

There is also a bridge based on adjacent teeth and Premium Straumann, Nobel Active or Alpha Bio implants.

Features of a tooth-based bridge

With a tooth-based bridge, it is possible to place the bridge after the teeth surrounding the missing tooth have been properly designed. However, it is a condition that the surrounding teeth are completely intact and healthy. This is the only way our specialists can create such a condition that the bridge can fit correctly and stably on them.

Intact and healthy surrounding teeth suitable for a bridge

For a tooth-based bridge, the surface of the intact teeth supporting the bridge needs to be sanded down so that the fit is perfect.

Grinding itself does not endanger the healthy state of the teeth.

With this method, a tooth providing a perfect aesthetic experience will be created in a few weeks, faithfully reproducing the appearance of natural teeth.

However, it is worth being a little more careful when eating certain foods (harder bites).

Prepared, polished teeth

Features of the implant-based bridge

In the case of a bridge based on an implant, there is no need to grind down the healthy teeth surrounding the missing tooth, and thanks to the implant, it is also safer to chew harder bites. The load on the bone located in the area of ​​deficiency will be uniform, without the risk of bone atrophy.

Placing a bridge on 2 implants to replace several missing teeth
Full round bridge on 6 implants to replace a full set of teeth