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Why Opt for the Straumann Implant at Medicover Dental Clinic in Hungary?

When it comes to dental implants, quality is paramount. A top-tier implant not only ensures more consistent outcomes but also boasts a prolonged lifespan. This is where the Straumann implant stands out.

Emerging as a trailblazer and now a leading name in implant dentistry, Straumann® has been at the forefront of innovation since 1974. Collaborating with globally recognised clinics, research institutions, and universities, Straumann has pioneered numerous technological advancements in the realm of implantology.

To date, a staggering 15 million Straumann implants have been successfully placed globally.

The Straumann system is synonymous with reliability, safety, and extensive treatment options. Key components of this system include:

Straumann implants
  • Tissue and bone level implants (Tissue Level, Bone Level) and mini implants.

  • Cutting-edge SLActive® and SLA® surface technologies, ensuring predictable osseointegration.

Understanding Implant Surfaces

The bond between the bone and the titanium root of the implant is crucial. To enhance this bond, implants have a porous surface. This allows the bone to seamlessly integrate into the implant’s porous structure during the healing phase. These minuscule pores, though integral, are invisible to the naked eye.

SLA reference surface

SLA® Reference Surface

Introduced in 1998, the classic SLA® surface utilises a large grain sandblasting technique, creating macro roughness on the titanium surface. The resultant nano-structure is perfect for cell attachment and bone integration.

SLActive high performance surface

SLActive® High-Performance Surface

The SLActive® surface amplifies bone tissue integration, augments treatment predictability, and accelerates the healing process. Recent research underscores the superior clinical performance of SLActive® implants, even in challenging treatment protocols and for patients with medical complications.

Bone Integration with Straumann

Lab tests reveal that the SLA® implant, courtesy of its nano-structure, slashes the healing time from the usual 6-8 weeks to a mere 3-4 weeks, outperforming other implant types.

Innovations by Straumann

Straumann’s technological breakthroughs have elevated treatment outcomes, reliability, and patient comfort. The Roxolid® material, a blend of zirconium oxide and titanium, is a game-changer. It offers enhanced therapeutic options that are less invasive for patients. With its remarkable strength, Roxolid® also facilitates optimal bone integration. For those seeking a metal-free solution, zirconium oxide implants are an ideal choice.


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