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Dental implantation is a very unique procedure, every case is different as it’s depending on a lot of different conditions. Here we explain the process of the treatment.

Possible dental treatments prior to dental implantation (not always necessary)Dental treatment Healing period
tooth extraction (decayed, worn)tooth extraction (decayed, worn)
bone healing after tooth removal might request 3-4 week sometimes, in some other cases, implantation can be done immediately
bone grafting4-6 months of healing period before tooth implant surgery
sinus lift (only upper jaw)a minimum of 8 months of healing before placing the dental implant
Steps of dental implant surgeryDental treatmentHealing period
placing the tooth implantintegration of the dental implant needs 4-6 months while the jawbone is ossifying around the artificial root
dental impressiononce the dentist exposes the dental implant, he takes an impression for final restoration
abutment and crown fixing5 days needed for the final restoration to be completed (crown, bridge, full bridge, overdenture or All-on-4)

1. First consultation and treatment plan

Our oral surgeon specialists are evaluating the oral health and dentition of the patient upon the panoramic X-ray. If the general health and the bone density seems to be all right, the dentists are preparing a personal treatment plan. Additional examinations, like blood test or CT scan might be necessary to make sure the dental implant will be properly fixed.

2. Dental implant surgery

The dental implant is placed in the jawbone in a completely pain-free way. After the surgery has been performed, the dentist is giving him/her the necessary recommendations and instructions to respect until it’s completely healed. Bone grafting might be necessary in certain cases.

3. Healing time

The tooth implant needs 3-6 months to heal under the gum, and therefore to integrate in the jawbone. Perfect oral hygiene and prescribed medication is highly important during this period.

4. Final restoration

Once the healing period is over, the final restoration can be fixed on the implant(s). It can be a single crown or a bridge for example.

Crown on tooth implant to replace one missing tooth
Bridge on 2 dental implants to replace multiple missing teeth
Full bridge on 6 dental implants, a perfect solution for toothless jaw
All-on-4 denture, a minimally invasive restoration in case of severe bone loss

If you have no teeth in the lower jaw, and are not yet ready for multiple dental implant placements, a conventional lower denture can be replaced by a removable overdenture.

Bar retained overdenture on 4 dental implants
Locator (ball retained) overdenture on 2 teeth implants
Removable dentures

5. Check-up

Dental implant is an effective solution to replace a missing tooth but to keep its long-term success, it is highly important to maintain the instructions of the dentist. High level of oral hygiene can help keeping the good condition and the stability of the tooth implants.