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Prevention of tooth decay

We do our best to maintain the health of our teeth when we go to the dentist regularly – at least every six months- for dental check-ups and tartar removal. Any minor alteration can be noticed in time during these treatments, thus with prevention, dental fillings can be avoided. Therefore, it is recommended to visit our dentist for a dental screening even if seemingly we do not have any complaints..
Prevention of tooth decay

Dental groove closing to preven tooth decay

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the importance of groove closure, even though this method can largely prevent tooth decay that starts in the grooves. This treatment becomes necessary mainly in childhood, so parents should pay attention to this.

Groove closure is not painful at all, it only causes minor inconveniences for the child (sour taste, opening the mouth for a few minutes), so it provides a good opportunity to get to know the dentist and dentistry.

But what is a dental groove?​

The dental groove is located on the chewing surface of the molars and molars, exactly between the prominent cusps necessary for chewing. These grooves can be too deep, in which case it is difficult to clean, so tooth decay can easily start.

The process of furrow closure

In all cases, the treatment begins with a thorough cleaning, and then, without drilling, the dentist applies a special, high-penetrating filling material to the surface of the tooth, which flows deep into the furrows, thus blocking the entry of plaque that causes caries.

The material guarantees the integrity of the underlying dentition for 2-3 years. After this, it is recommended to renew the groove seal, as it wears out.

Dental groove closing

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