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Misconceptions of Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment gives you the opportunity to keep and save your own tooth! However, for many people, when they hear the word, they immediately mistakenly think of a painful and trying treatment. There is no question about that! Unfortunately misconceptions circulate like urban legends. What are those?

1. Root canal treatment is painful

Thanks to the local anesthesia, the treatment is painless, but there is no need to worry afterwards, it is recommended to take painkillers after the treatment according to the dentist’s instructions. We can talk about pain, intense toothache, if the root of the tooth in question is not treated, and it remains in constant inflammation.

2. Root canal treatment is unnecessary

Because after that the tooth will have to be extracted anyway. However, this is also wrong, since the essence of root canal treatment is to save the inflamed tooth.

Misconceptions of root canal treatment

3. Necrose

A root-treated tooth is no longer alive, so it is easily damaged and becomes brittle. The tooth root is the internal structure of the tooth, but it does not usually affect the structure of the tooth. If significant decay is responsible for its development, it may weaken the structure. In this case, our dentists place a crown on the damaged tooth, which is identical in appearance to the own tooth.

4. Only when the tooth hurts

It happens that our patient thinks that he definitely does not need to go to the dentist until his tooth hurts. After all, there is no problem until then. The importance of regular dental check-ups is also extremely important here. It may happen that the root dies unnoticed due to decay or other reasons. This causes severe inflammation later, requiring immediate medical intervention.

It may happen that there is no toothache, but rashes appear on the gums around it (fistula), which can be considered a sign of inflammation.

5. After that, you don't have to go to the dentist

This is a misconception, since root canal treatment consists of two or more treatments. The tooth can only be saved if the treating dentist can complete the root canal treatment. The pain will disappear after the first treatment, but it is important to remember that this does not mean that further treatment is no longer necessary. We get a permanently saved tooth if the treatment goes all the way through. A temporary filling does not provide permanent protection, as the name suggests.


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