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Meet our dental expert and dental tourism manager team

Dental Tourism Managers

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Your Dental Tourism Manager's Assistance

Before Your Visit:

During Your Visit:

After Your Visit:

  • prepare a detailed cost estimate for the required treatment

  • consult with the doctor about your case

  • arrange and confirm your appointments

  • help with booking accommodation

  • answer any further questions

  • organise your airport transfer

  • discuss your schedule, treatment plan, and any changes that might arise after the initial consultation

  • schedule any further appointments that might be necessary

  • assist with any ad hoc requests

  • provide translated documents if needed

  • consult with the doctor about your case if any post-operative complications arise

  • supply you with medical documents if they become available after your visit

Our Dental Tourism Manager Team are keen to answer all your queries about treatments.

Dental Expert Team

Our dentists are seasoned professionals who undertake their duties with dedication and empathy. From basic dental procedures to intricate oral surgeries and implant procedures, they offer a comprehensive range of specialist care. Dental procedures conducted under local anaesthetic at our clinic are pain-free.

Oral surgeons

Dr. Ákos Kriveczky

Dr. Csilla Surin

Cosmetic dentists

Dr. Boglárka Csáji

Dr. Vivien Csernyán

Dr. Klára Kapor

Dr. Zsófia Melnik

Dr. Péter Szalai

Dr. Mira Utassy-Horváth

Dr. Gábor Nagy

Dr. Dóra Andárs-Hunyadi

Dr. Kincső Sebestyén

Dr. Barbara Körmendi


Dr. Márk Hollósy



Dr. Orsolya Kiss

Dr. Réka Bujdosó

Dental hygienists

Eszter Kelemen

Dzsenifer Velladics

Éva Sümegi

Jázmin Kovács


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