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Sinus lift

Paranasal Sinuses

In case the bone volume or quality is not enough in the upper jaw bone, we talk about sinus lift. It is made with the same method as simple bone grafting but only in the area of molars and premolars, over the maxillary. The simple bone grafting procedure is being completed by the lifting of the sinus membrane while we get some more space for the grafting material to provide more density. This technique exists for over 20 years and has a proven record of being a successful solution.

Dental implantation procedure

The dentists of Medicover Dentistry are real experts of dental implantation. Our experiences had proven many times that this is the best way to replace a missing tooth for its reliability and long-term stability.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that support the crown, the bridge or the denture that we make as a final restoration. They are biocompatible, easily integrating with the body, as they are made of titanium.

Please click here to know more about dental implants.

Complication with the sinus

One problem that may arise is the opening of the sinus after a tooth extraction in the upper jaw. It needs to be treated immediately, even though it’s not as dangerous as it seems at first sight.

The sinus has to be closed with some stitches and handled carefully until final healing.

Guidelines after oral surgery

We need to handle carefully the post-operational area after an oral surgery intervention. We would kindly recommend you to take the following advices to serious after the operation:

  • avoid eating and rinsing for a couple of hours
  • try to chew on the other side of the mouth for a few days following the oral surgery intervention
  • do not remove the blood clot to avoid infection and help healing
  • avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, dairies and eggs
  • no sports, sauna or thermal water for a few days
  • avoid eating under local anaesthesia (lasting 2-5h after the end of the treatment)
  • clean carefully the affected area, we recommend you to use soft brushes for that part of your mouth
  • do not use mouth water until the healing process is over
  • no hard nose blowing is advised because of eventual maxillary problems
  • try sleeping on the opposite side of the affected area or on your back
  • use ice jelly on the face and moisturizing cream underneath
  • call immediately your oral surgeon in any case of serious complication, like excessive pain, bleeding or fever

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