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Bone grafting

Before starting a dental implantation procedure, the dentist is evaluating the state of the bone. If its density and/or quality are not enough to support the artificial root, bone graft might be necessary to help the jaw to anchor the implant.

Bone loss can be a result of a long time missing tooth in the jawbone or chronic periodontitis, for example.

Dental implantation soon after tooth extraction or loss can be a good solution to avoid natural bone loss in the affected area. If it hasn’t been happening, we can expect the necessity of augmentation of the bone during a procedure also called bone grafting. During the process we elevate the bone by adding graft material before the tooth replacement. This material can be artificial or natural.

Bone graft materials

The following materials can be used during bone replacement:

  • Artificial bone graft material

The name of the artificial graft material is alloplast. It is a synthetic, biocompatible material that mostly contains Hydroxyapatite, an essential ingredient of the tooth.

  • Natural bone graft material

It contains harvested bone that’s been processed to decontaminate and supplemented with necessary minerals. Along with the substances added, this material provides a framework for the patient’s surrounding bone tissues to grow inside the hole and fill it properly.

  • Bone transplantation

This third type of material is different as it is a more complex intervention. An autograft is realized from the own bone of the patient (hip, shin, scull or jaw) that we use to augment the bone quantity of the patient at the damaged area. This piece of bone is attached by osteosynthesis screws.

Most of the time we also use resorbable membranes to cover the material for a better regeneration of the bone and the tissue.

Regeneration takes around 6-8 months following the operation.

Bone grafting
bone replacement procedure

Am I Suitable candidate for bone grafting?

General health and oral hygiene are highly important to get a successful operation done. In case of uncontrolled diabetes, for example, it is not possible to have this kind of a severe surgical intervention.

Is bone graft material safe and reliable?

At Medicover Dentistry, we use resorbable AlphaBio graft material that is similar to the human bone structure. It’s a premium quality, 100% biocompatible and non-toxic material that provides perfect integration for the extension of the bone volume. No harm to the body, neither allergic reactions.

Procedure of bone grafting
  1. It can take 30 minutes but even 3 hours, depending on the location and the nature of the bone grafting procedure.
  2. The whole operation is happening under neuroleptic analgesia and local anaesthesia to make the intervention completely pain free.
  3. After the bone graft, we need to wait 6 to 8 months to get the dental implantation process started, though in some cases, it is possible to start it right after bone augmentation.

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