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Microscopic root canal treatment

The most modern dental microscope

Microscopic root canal treatment were designed for exceptional performance in root canal treatment, diagnostic screening and dental surgery. The state-of-the-art Prima Mμ microscope guarantees images of unparalleled quality.

Prima Mμ device with a nuVar variable focal length lens is suitable for making reflection-free images with natural colors and contrasts.

Excellent lens and lighting meet all dental needs.

Advantages of the operating microscope in non-surgical root canal treatment

The microscope is an advanced technological tool that helps detect pain and better visibility of the condition of the teeth for a clear diagnosis. Among the disciplines of dentistry that require a microscope, we can mention root canal treatment, since in endodontics the work is carried out on a millimeter scale, at a depth of 10–30 mm in the space of the canal.

All procedures related to root canal treatment can be performed with high precision and safety using the equipment. The microscope allows you to:

  • the identification of the present abnormalities from the tooth enamel to the depth of the root.
  • finding possible cracks.
  • the search for perforations and their treatment.
  • research, diagnosis and treatment of internal/external resorptions.
  • easier treatment of the dental cavity in case of very deep caries (or accidental damage).

Sealing microscopic root canals with a vertical root filling system

The Gutta-Smart warm vertical root canal system ensures safe and effective root canal filling. The vertical root filling technique means that the root canal is sealed from the crown of the tooth towards the tip, and this operation is repeated until the canal is completely filled.

At Medicover Dentistry, the final root filling is always performed after the most effective laser bactericidal and disinfecting treatment.


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