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Medicover Dental Laboratory - Behind the scene of the perfect smile

Smooth and high-quality dental services are now inconceivable without close collaboration with a professional dental laboratory. Medicover is constantly keeping pace with evolving technology and changing needs, so we are pleased to report that we have opened our own dental laboratory at the Eiffel Dental Clinic in Budapest.

The difference between the concept of dentist and dental technician is often unknown in the public consciousness, they are two different professions though, even if they are closely related. Most of the time we don’t even meet this specialty, as a patient we can think that the dentist is responsible for all oral treatments and interventions, although we can thank the dental technicians if our dentures fit into our mouth flawlessly and unnoticed. However, it is not about just the replacement of a broken or missing tooth, but also the replacement of a crown, a denture, an orthodontic brace, a tooth whitening splint or an anti-snoring device, all of them are involved with the dental technicians behind the scenes.

This not only makes the work of the doctors in the surgery easier, but also has indisputable benefits for you.

Advantages of being close to your own dental laboratory:
  • The direct contact between the dentist and the dental technician allows for multiple consultations during the preparation of the denture, thus avoiding possible misunderstandings and allowing the dentist to share his or her ideas directly with the dental technician.
  • We can save time, as the dentist has the opportunity to consult with a dental technician at any time of the day, so we don’t have to worry about time being lost due to geographical distance.
  • The tooth color is determined and the prosthesis is performed under the same conditions, so it is most likely to produce a lifelike prosthesis that provides an ideal and natural appearance.
  • Any correction of a denture can be done almost immediately as we are in the same building as the laboratory.
  • Dental prostheses with digital technology and 3D printing from 16 types of Resin and production of auxiliary materials with 25 micron accuracy in-house.
Dental Laboratory
Dr. Andrea Rácz - Dentist:

“In my opinion, the success of a collaboration between a dentist and a dental technician is based on good communication. It’s a huge advantage to be in the same building and be able to discuss cases in person. The dental technician can be involved even in the process of planning the prosthesis before the start of making and he or she can help you choose the material of the planned prosthesis. For me as a dentist, in addition to the ones described above, it is a great advantage that the dental technician can be present at the dental examination on request and that any corrections can be made accurately according to the patient’s further aesthetic and functional needs. Dental technology has brought a new color to the life of Medicover dentistry, which has a very motivating effect on us, dentists as well. ”


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