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Premium quality tooth replacement

When is a dental crown necessary?

In case of extensive tooth decay or damage, the tooth may hurt and become discolored. This does not necessarily result in the loss of the tooth, our dentists can solve the tooth replacement by placing a crown in many cases. In order to preserve our perfect smile, the zirconium crown is the most elaborate and natural tooth replacement solution, regardless of whether we have a separate crown, bridge, or dental crown attached to an implant made.

What is the dental crown and its types?​

A dental crown is a fixed dental prosthesis that is placed on a tooth stump above the gum line, possibly on a Premium Straumann, Nobel Active or Alpha Bio dental implant.

If the tooth itself is damaged to such an extent that neither fillings nor inlays can be used during its treatment, the crown may be the ideal solution. In terms of material, the most common types are pressed ceramic crowns, porcelain crowns, and zirconium crowns.

Dental crowns are most often used when there is a large lack of dental material as a result of a broken tooth or neglected tooth decay.

The crown can also be placed for dental axis correction or for aesthetic reasons (crooked teeth, large gaps between individual teeth).

dental crown
Complete crown

Steps of making a dental crown

  1. The dentist applies local anesthesia around the tooth holding the crown.
  2. The dentist then chisels the tooth to the correct shape.
  3. After the grinding, the dentist makes an impression of the surrounding dentition and the stump itself.
  4. A temporary plastic crown is placed on the tooth.
  5. After a few days, the final crown is ready, which the dental technician developed based on the impression made earlier.
  6. The dentist attaches the final crown to the polished tooth with special dental adhesive cement.

What types of dental crowns are available?​

Zirconia crown
  • translucent enough to have the appearance of a natural tooth
  • does not contain metal
  • long-lasting dentures: made of more durable and resistant material than other aesthetic solutions
  • precision: the special CAD/CAM technology guarantees an excellent aesthetic effect and fit
Porcelain crown (Metal ceramic crown)
  • strength: suitable choice for both incisors and molars
  • durability: long-term, reliable tooth replacement
  • natural appearance: tooth-colored outer surface
  • precision: we guarantee an excellent aesthetic and fitting result with special computer-controlled CAD-CAM technology
Pressed ceramic crown
  • completely realistic
  • provides a perfect aesthetic appearance
  • we guarantee an exact fit with special, computer-controlled CAD-CAM technology
  • it does not contain metal, so it is an ideal solution for those with metal allergies
  • tissue friendly