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What to do after tooth implantation?

Once the dental implant surgery has been finished, pain and swelling can be expected in the facial area. This is not unusual as the regeneration concerns multiple tissues in the mouth. At Medicover Fogászat, we are prepared for this situation and giving you painkillers after the procedure to help you finding a solution to the pain in the first few days. You will also get some ice jelly and prescribed antibiotics for the same reason and also to help faster healing after the surgery.

Resolvable stiches are being used at our dental clinic, so no need of an appointment to remove them.

How long is the recovery after dental implantation?

Osseointegration is the healing and integration of the dental implant, this process is important to get the necessary stability of the implant in the jawbone. If the artificial tooth root is placed in the lower jaw, it might recommend less time to heal (2-4 months) than in the case of the upper one (3-6 months). This is only a general estimation, of course, personal health conditions are highly important in this matter.

When can we fully enjoy the benefits of our new dentition?

Once the tooth implantation has been finished, you don’t stay without tooth for the next 3-6 months. Therefore, you will get a temporary denture for the healing period. This is not as stable, functional and cannot bear as much pressure as the permanent tooth replacement, so we kindly suggest you to avoid consuming dry, hard food, such as apple or nuts.

By the time the integration of the implant has been completed, and the permanent crown, bridge or denture has been fixed, the new artificial teeth are taking the same role as your natural teeth.

benefits of implants

About the importance of the regular visits after the dental implantation

It is highly recommended to visit your dentist yearly, even more important than when you have only natural teeth as this is still a severe intervention into your body.

Our highly qualified and expertised dentists at Medicover Fogászat are using the best quality and latest technology and materials to help you getting back your beautiful smile and functional dentition. However, some problems may arise by the time, this is the reason why they need to check on it regularly.

If you’re not taking these visits to serious, it might lead to undiscovered infections that can spread faster in the periodontal or bone area or other health problems, just like bone loss cannot be detected on time.

Risks of dental implantation

Bleeding and effects of the anesthesia: we recommend you to not to drive after the surgery and not to eat for a few hours, neither sports or sauna are advised.

Infection: keeping the dentist’s mouth hygiene recommendations is very important, it is not advised to use a mouthwash or to suck on the wound in the first few days in order to avoid infection.


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