Get back the cost of your panoramic X-ray taken by your local dentist!


Do not hesitate to have your panoramic X-ray taken by your local dentist as we reimburse the cost of it!

To help you to get a treatment plan and quotation easier so that you can plan your trip and the costs of dental treatment in advance we reimburse the cost of panoramic X-ray that is taken in your residence country (up to a maximum of £ 70 / € 85) if you choose Medicover Dental Clinic for your dental treatment.

How does it work?

You go to your local dentist to have the panoramic X-ray taken that you will then send to us for examination. It is important to keep the invoice! Based on the X-ray we will prepare your personalized treatment plan and quotation which will include all necessary details of the treatment you will need and the costs as well.

If you are happy with the plan and start your treatment at our clinic we will reimburse the cost of panoramic X-ray (up to a maximum of £ 70 / € 85). The only thing we would need is a copy of invoice of the X-ray. We wait your invoices util 31 of august 2016!

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