Another reason to visit Budapest


Recently TripAdvisor, the world’s number 1 travel-related website has announced the winners of their annual Travelers’ choice awards – and the winner in the Hotel category was named to be Hotel Aria in Budapest.

TripAdvisor publishes a list of the 25 best Hotels each year based on the reviews and ratings of their several million visitors.

In the recent years, Budapest has been a popular European destination among tourists for not only its affordable medical services, but for its culture and stunning architecture. The increasing number of tourists visiting the capital of Hungary has urged the infrastructure in tourism to imply major developments to keep up with Western-European standards. Many nice new hotels have opened in the past years, but only a few of them have something really unique and innovative to represent, one of them being Hotel Aria, a luxury 5-star boutique hotel in the heart of Budapest.

Hotel Aria has only been opened in 2015 but has gained incredible popularity due to its unique and warm music-themed enterieurs infused to the luxury of a classical Hungarian palace, high quality food and spa services. We are really proud of Hotel Aria’s achievement and international success!