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    Busting myths about British people having bad teeth

    Great Britain has become “internationally renowned” for having really lousy teeth. At least according to American common jokes about bad teeth of British people.

    But are British mouths and teeth really in such a bad state? The simple answer is No.

    Lousy teeth of British secret agent, Austin Powers

    Lousy teeth of British secret agent, Austin Powers

    According to the last figures reported in 2008 by OECD British mouth are in a much better condition than the ones in some certain fully-fledged states, including the USA and EU member states as well.

    Average number of missing teeth at age of 12

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    source: BBC News Magazine

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    1. andi says:

      OK/. but one important point you are failing to see here is that number only refers to British people who GO to the dentist. According to many articles, many Brits (adults and children) do not.

      • says:

        Dear Andi!

        Thank you for your comment! Yes, that’s true, thank you for sharing your opinion. It is important for us!

        MDental Clinic Hungary

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