Pros and cons of zirconia crowns

Pros and cons of zirconia crowns

Zirconia crowns are generally used to restore or replace decaying, damaged teeth. It is very important to understand the pros and cons of zirconia crowns before the treatment. The advantages of zirconia crowns are their durability, their high quality and their perfectly natural appearance. They can be used after root canal treatments for aesthetic reasons or they can also be placed onto implants to replace missing teeth.

The advantages of zirconia crowns

  • Biocompatible
  • Strong, durable material
  • Long lasting and reliable restoration
  • Safe for patients with metal-allergies
  • The appearance of the crowns is completely natural, they match the patient’s natural teeth perfectly

Thanks to CAD-CAM technology

  • Very aesthetic result
    impeccable sealing
  • Safe for patients with metal-allergies

"Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing" or CAD-CAM technology

Zirconia crowns are made in our laboratory with a special, computerized system, using CAD-CAM technology.

This makes it possible to fit them perfectly to the abutment amongst other advantages. The crown is produced in a short time in this almost completely automatized process.

Our clinic only used high quality materials for the zirconia crowns.

Zirconia crown vs porcelain crown fused to metal

Zirconia crowns provide a much more aesthetic result than porcelain crowns. Additionally, zirconia crowns are fully biocompatible and contain no metal, therefore they are a safe choice for patients with metal allergies.

Characteristics Zirconia crown Porcelain crown fused to metal
 Biocompatibility Excellent


 Aesthetics Excellent

Very good

 Precision Excellent

Very good

 Shade Excellent, colour matrix

Very good, stratification

 Bearing capacity Excellent


 Metal allergy No