Premium quality zirconia crown

For a perfect smile makeover zirconia crown is the finest and most natural restoration solution regardless of whether it is a single crown or bridge or a crown secured on a dental implant. Now only for € 329 / £ 296 !

What is a dental crown?

A crown is a type of dental restoration that fully cups over the part of a tooth or dental implant that lies at and above the gum line. Dental crowns - often referred to as "dental cap", "tooth cap" or "porcelain jackets” – are necessary when the tooth is decayed to an extent that it cannot be filled or partly restored by an inlay or onlay, so it has to be filed under local anaesthesia and then covered with a crown.

Why choose a zirconia crown?

  • Finest aesthetic result: translucent enough to be identical to natural teeth
  • Best option in case of metal allergy: as a metal-free solution it is 100% non-allergic
  • Long lasting restoration: made of more durable and long-lasting material than other aesthetic solutions
  • Maximum strength: can withstand wear and tear
  • Biocompatible: causes no adverse reaction of human body
  • Precision: the special computerized CAD-CAM technology guarantees exquisite aesthetic result and fit

Main differences between porcelain crown fused to metal and zirconia crown

The zirconia crown is more and more widespread in cosmetic dentistry, due to its advantages:

  • lightness
  • resistance - 50% more resistant than a ceramic-metal crown -
  • short treatment period
  • long lifespan - from 15 to 20 years -
  • limited adhesion to bacterial plaque
  • an excellent covering of gray teeth, zirconia is not transparent to light

This comparison table will allow you to better understand the most important differences between these two types of crowns.

Zirconia crown
Porcelain crown fused to metal
 Biocompatibility Excellent


 Aesthetics Excellent

Very good

 Precision Excellent

Very good

 Shade Excellent, colour matrix

Very good, stratification

 Bearing capacity Excellent


 Metal allergy No



Porcelain crow fused to metal do not compete with zirconia crowns. They remain a very reliable and durable restoration technique at an advantageous price. However, the black line phenomenon at the edge of the crown that appears in some cases does not make it the best aesthetic restoration solution.

For the finest and natural dental restoration, zirconia crowns are the best options.

Before and after pictures for zirconia crowns

Case 1 – Discoloured teeth and large gap between two upper front teeth

Our patient was very unsatisfied with the yellow stains on his upper front teeth and the gap between his two front (incisor) teeth. He got zirconia crowns to cover the gap and to get a beautiful white smile.

Case 2 – Missing, disaligned and discoloured teeth

This patient wanted to have a replacement for his front missing teeth in his lower and upper jaw, resulting in a brand new smile.

Case 3 – Large gaps between discloured front teeth

This gentleman was quite unsatisfied with the large and visible gaps between his front teeth. He also wanted to have a new bright and white smile instead of his yellow and stained teeth.

Before zirconia crown
After zirconia crowns
Before zirconia bridge
After full zirconia bridge
Before zirconia crown treatment
After zirconia crown treatment

About CAD/CAM technology

The zirconia or zirconium crown, as well as porcelain crowns is designed and manufactured by a special computerized CAD/CAM technology assuring the best precision beside other benefits which cannot be guaranteed by other conventional restoration methods. The perfect outcome is reached in a very short lapse of time due to in almost all steps computerized workflow. Zirconia crowns provided by our dental clinic are made of premium dental materials.