Premium quality teeth whitening

A quick and effective way to get a bright smile

If your teeth are yellowed over time or stained (that results from drinking coffee and smoking) or you just want to look younger, then teeth whitening is the perfect cosmetic treatment for you.

Why are my teeth discoloured?

Teeth can become discoloured for various reasons:

  • most frequently from food and drinks when they penetrate into the deeper enamel layers over time, from where they cannot be removed by conventional tooth brushing. (These include coffee, tea, synthetic food dyes, etc.)
  • smoking
  • discolored fillings
  • root-canal treatment

Is the treatment harmful to the teeth?

Not at all. At MDental we use a high-tec, professional dental whitening system that provides a minimum invasive treatment and less harm to the teeth.

Why do we recommend in-office tooth whitening?

  • professional: it is the most complete tooth whitening system
  • quick: brilliant white teeth and a confident smile in just one hour
  • effective: maximum whitening for a smile up to 5 shades whiter
  • long-lasting: attractive teeth for years
  • safe: clinical tests prove that light-accelerated tooth whitening is the safest dental and cosmetic dentistry procedure