Painless Sinus Lift

What is a sinus lift?

Sinus lift is a special type of oral surgery. It is recommended if the patients bone is not suitable for implantation. In this case, bone grafting is recommended.

The sinus lift is a special case of bone grafting.

Oral surgeons use bone grafting materials to increase the height of the upper jaw. This may be necessary if the upper grinding jaw is not wide enough to hold the implants.

It may happen that the area of the missing tooth was not handled at the site of the small and big grinding site. This can easily lead to osteoporosis, bursting, resulting in the lowering of the sinus.

Thus it is especially important in case of implanting to have the bone in the correct height and condition to prevent the sinus opening during oral surgery.

To avoid such complications, this kind of oral surgery is nowadays a routine intervention.

Sinus lift methods

Two types are distinguished: the closed or open sinus lift. There is no reason to worry because the local anesthesia makes the intervention painless.

Closed sinus lift or crestal sinus lift

This type of sinus lift is recommended in case of less bone loss. Through the site of the planned implant, bone grafting material is inserted into the sinus cavity and its passages. The bone grafting material is incorporated into a bone-like hard material over time, and it is embedded into. So it can be safely implanted.

Opened sinus lift or lateral sinus lift

This procedure is performed in case of a larger amount of bone-missing. It is a bit more complicated than the closed sinus lift, as the bone grafting area is also bigger. Our dental surgeons open the sinus through the gums. Place the bone grafting material there until it reaches the desired height. It is covered with a special membrane, which also helps the healing.

The steps of sinus lift

Bone grafting materials

Bone grafting can be processed in three ways. During the process, we lift the bones with an artificial/natural material.

Artificial bone grafting material

The artificial bone grafting material is made out of synthetic, alloplastic material, which mainly contains hydroxyapatite. This is completely biocompatible as it is a natural component of the tooth tissue, as well.

Natural bone grafting material

The natural bone grafting material is a disinfected and mineral-enriched animal bone tissue. Thanks to the added ingredients, the material fits into the patient’s bone tissue and grows into the gap until it finally completely fills it.