Dental Implant Cost

Dental Implants Cost

In case of tooth loss, dental implants provide a long-lasting solution. Implant dentistry needs to meet a number of health circumstances for a lifelong durability. Not only their appearance, but their function will also be the same as your own tooth. In some cases, only one tooth should be replaced by an implant, in other cases bridging the implant may be necessary.

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About dental implants

Replacing missing teeth is possible in various ways, starting from the removable dentures through fixed bridges to dental implant retained restorations. If you are looking for a natural looking tooth replacement solution that lasts a lifetime, dental implants are the perfect choice for you.

The cost of dental implant is quite difficult to estimate as there are several aspects, which need to be considered and examined. Our dental team needs to have a complex knowledge of the patient.

What influences the price?

What influences the price?

The price of a dental implant depends on the followings:

  • oral health condition
  • the condition of the gums and existing teeth
  • the placement of the implant (upper or lower jaw, front or back)
  • suggested prosthetic works
  • the type of implant and tooth replacement
  • used materials
  • possible bone graft or sinus lift
  • how many teeth need to be replaced, how many implants are required

Therefore the cost of dental implant treatments are not easy to estimate without a personal dental check-up.

What does the tooth implant cost consist of?

1. The Price of diagnostic

  • Dental check-up – FREE at Medicover Dental Clinic Hungary
  • Consultation and planning – FREE at Medicover Dental Clinic Hungary
  • Panoramic X-ray – FREE at Medicover Dental Clinic Hungary
  • CT scan

2. Costs of oral surgical operations

The Price of diagnostic
Costs of used materials

3. Costs of used materials

  • The dental implant price itself, depending on brand and type of the tooth implant (Alphabio, Nobel implants are provided in our dental clinic for tooth implant)
  • Abutments
  • Bone graft material
  • The price of the membrane, depending on the size and material

4. Price of prosthetic work

  • Costs of the dental laboratory / preparing the tooth replacements (ex. crownsbridges), depending also on the material. Our oral surgeons use crowns for replacing 1-2 tooth but in case of more tooth replacing, out professional team use bridges as there is a bigger amount of tooth missing.

Are implants available on the NHS in the UK?

It is not easy to get NHS implants, because they are offered only in certain circumstances like patients who are unable to wear removable dentures and patients who have suffered damage to their mouth from an accident. It is important to emphasize that any kind of cosmetic work won’t be covered.

Average cost breakdown for an implant abroad

First, we need to clarify what is included in the price of a dental implant. In general, for an uncomplicated case – when e.g. bone grafting or sinus lift is not needed – it’s the dental implant itself, and the surgery costs (also including implant exposure, healing screw and check-up).

As far as these costs are concerned, the comparative table below for a single dental implant gives a fairly accurate idea of the probable reasons of the patients choosing to have their dental implant done abroad, especially in Hungary.

 Country  Price (€)
 United Kingdom  € 1 330
 United States  € 2 130
 Ireland  € 795
 Spain  € 692
 Poland  € 510
 Hungary  € 478
 Slovakia  € 500
 Czech Republic  € 500

Average cost breakdown for an implant with crown

Asking for only a dental implant is not a typical case. For example, at our dental clinic in Budapest we have hardly ever experienced that someone had only come for a single dental implant without a crown. To accomplish the restoration of the whole teeth, other components are needed and further works are required.

Now let’s see the prices for a complete dental implant, including the costs of the dental implant, the abutment and the the porcelain crown and of course the surgery (still without sinus lift and bone grafting).

 Country  Price (€)
 United Kingdom  € 3 484
 United States  € 4 270
 Ireland  € 1 395
 Spain  € 931
 Poland  € 1 075
 Hungary  € 923
 Slovakia  € 1 073
 Czech Republic  € 1 200

How much can I save on dental Implants at Medicover Dental Clinic Hungary?

At Medicover Dental Clinic Hungary, you can save 50-70% on your dental implant costs. Our highly educated and experienced specialists do their best to provide an efficient treatment. The state of the art materials are guarantee you a durable solution and spectacular smile.

Single all ceramic crown

Crowns are a type of dental restoration that is placed onto the part of a tooth above the gum line or onto a dental implant.

NEW! Premium Straumann Implant

Cost for crown on a dental implant
Dental treatment Pcs. Price € Price £
 Consultation 1 0 € 0 £
 CT scan 1 120 € 108 £
 AlphaBio tooth implant 1 478 € 430 £
 AlphaBio abutment 1 215 € 193 £
 Porcelain crown on dental implant 1 199 € 179 £
 Total 1 012 € 910£
Cost for crown on a Premium Straumann dental implant
Dental treatment Pcs. Price € Price £
 Consultation 1 0 € 0 £
 CT scan 1 120 € 108 £
 Premium Straumann tooth implant 1 699 € 629 £
 Premium Straumann abutment 1 269 € 242£
 Porcelain crown on dental implant 1 199 € 179 £
 Total 1 287 € 1 158 £

Crowns for a three-unit bridge

A bridge is a dental restauration made of two or more crowns. They can be used for partial or complete restorations, but in every case, they need to be supported at least on two points to ensure their stability. Bridges are generally supported by natural teeth, but they can also be placed onto implants (artificial roots). In case just one tooth is missing, the two adjacent teeth can be used as abutment to support the bridge. After the preparation and reduction of the two supporting teeth, an impression is taken, and then, the cast is sent to the laboratory to construct the three-unit bridge. The middle unit of the bridge replaces the missing tooth and the two adjacent units are fixed onto the prepared teeth for stability. The bridge is bonded to the teeth with a special dental cement.

Cost for porcelain bridge (3 crowns) on two dental implants
Price in € Cost in £
Dental treatment Pcs. Price /jaw Price /jaw
 Consultation 1 0 € 0 € 0 £ 0 £
 CT scan 1 120 € 120 € 108£ 108 £
 AlphaBio implant 2 478 € 956 € 430 £ 860 £
 AlphaBio abutment 2 215 € 430 € 193 £ 386 £
 Temporary denture 1 165 € 165 € 148 £ 148 £
 Porcelain crown on tooth implant 2 230 € 460 € 207 £ 414 £
 Porcelain crown 1 199 € 199 € 179 £ 179 £
Total 2 330 € Total 2 095£

Complete all ceramic bridge

The complete bridge can be an ideal solution if the majority or all of the patient’s teeth is missing, that is not aesthetic. If the patient has no tooth at all, the bridge needs to be placed onto implants (the cost of implants and abutments are not included in the below estimates. To learn more about the cost of implants, click here).

Cost for full porcelain bridge (12 crowns) on 6 tooth implants (per jaw)
Price in € Cost in £
Dental treatment Pcs. Price /jaw Price /jaw
 Consultation 1 0 € 0 € 0 £ 0 £
 CT scan 1 120 € 120 € 108 £ 108 £
 AlphaBio implant 6 478 € 2868 € 430 £ 2580 £
 AlphaBio abutment 6 215 € 1290 € 193 £ 1158 £
 Temporary denture 1 385 € 385 € 347 £ 347 £
 Porcelain crown on tooth implant 6 230 € 1380 € 207 £ 1242 £
 Porcelain crown 6 199 € 1194 € 179 £ 1074 £
Total 7 237 € Total 6 509 £