Premium quality all ceramic crown

All Ceramic Crown

In case of extensive dental caries or injuries, the tooth may hurt or discolor. This does not necessarily result the loss of the tooth. When the tooth is injured and discolored, our dentists can usually do the prosthesis by using a tooth crown.

To maintain a perfect smile, the all ceramic crown is one of the most natural restoration solution regardless of whether it is a single crown or bridge or a crown secured on a dental implant. The all ceramic crown has no frame. The whole crown is made of ceramic, that’s why it looks so natural and aesthetically perfect.

What is a dental crown?

A crown is a type of dental restoration that fully cups over the part of a tooth or dental implant that lies at and above the gum line. Dental crowns – often referred to as “dental cap”, “tooth cap” or “porcelain jackets” – are necessary when the tooth is decayed to an extent that it cannot be filled or partly restored by an inlay or onlay, so it has to be filled under local anaesthesia and then covered with a crown.

The steps of the treatment

  1. Local anesthesia is used on the area of the treatment
  2. After the patient is numbed, the first step is the preparation and reduction of the tooth.
  3. The dentist takes an impression of the abutment and the surrounding teeth.
  4. Until the all ceramic crown is prepared, a temporary crown is placed onto the tooth.
  5. The all ceramic crown is prepared within a couple of days at our laboratory with CAD-CAM technology.
  6. The dentist applies the all ceramic crown onto the abutment and fixes it with a special dental cement.

Benefits of all ceramic crown

  • Totally realistic, tooth-coloured surface
  • It provides a perfect aesthetic look
  • It doesn’t contain metal, that’s why it is an ideal solution for people with  metal hipersensivity
  • Precision: the special computerized CAD-CAM technology guarantees exquisite aesthetic result and fit
  • Tissue friendly

About CAD/CAM technology

The porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crown is designed and manufactured by a special computerized CAD/CAM technology assuring the best precision beside other benefits which cannot be guaranteed by other conventional restoration methods. The perfect outcome is reached in a very short lapse of time due to in almost all steps computerized workflow. PFM crowns provided by our dental clinic are made of premium dental materials.