Travelling to Hungary

Travelling to Hungary for medical reason is permitted

Foreign citizens are allowed to travel to Hungary to to use health services. Our professional staff will give you all the help and care you need, ensuring your safe stay at our clinic.

Free PCR test before you return home

Cost of the PCR test provided after your arrival and before your departure, in case you had it done in Hungary.

More than half of the population is vaccinated

More than half of the population of Hungary is vaccinated, as the willingness to vaccinate is outstandingly high in our country.

Save 50-70% on your dental treatment

Besides saving 50-70% on your dental treatment, you can also have the opportunity to combine your treatment with an unforgettable trip. Place confidence in our professional dentists and be convinced that Budapest is not only a beautiful city, but also famous for its excellent private health care.

Hotels and restaurants are open

Make your stay unforgettable! Enjoy a cup of coffee without any restrictions. Our country is also famous for its gastronomy, so do not hesitate to taste several traditional Hungarian dishes.

Safety and hygiene are guaranteed

According to the strict regulations, your body temperature will be measured while entering our clinic. Sanitary gel stations at entry/exit points are also available. In addition, our staff pays maximum attention to hygiene in order to guarantee the highest level of safety for our Patients.