EU immunity certificate

From 1 July, the EU immunity certificate will be available for travel within the EU

From 1 July, Hungary, like the other Member States, will grant free entry to foreigners arriving with an EU Covid certificate. This EU immunity certificate is available both digitally and on paper free of charge.

Who is eligible for an EU Covid certificate?

1. Who received the vaccination - vaccination certificate

The person who has been vaccinated at least once and not more than one year has passed since the first vaccination. The vaccination certificate is valid for 1 year. The host country will determine which vaccines it will accept to justify vaccination. Everyone who is vaccinated can receive a vaccination certificate, regardless of which coronavirus vaccine they have received, but Member States determine which vaccines are accepted. Please also note that for vaccines, the EU Covid certificate contains the official name of the vaccine and the manufacturer, which is not the same as the names of the vaccine used in everyday life. It is also up to the Member States to determine how many vaccinations are required and how many days must pass after vaccination, and how long protection is, based on the vaccination.

2. Who has been confirmed to have contracted the infection - recovery certificate

Under EU conditions, this means that 15 days have passed since the last positive PCR test for coronavirus, or a positive antigen test accepted under the EU Regulation has been performed but 180 days have not yet passed since then. The maximum validity of this type of card is 180 days, but Member States may set a shorter date. In this case, the card must be issued no earlier than 11 days after the person was first subjected to a rapid antigen test or a negative PCR test.

3. Who has a negative coronavirus test - test certificate

It is up to the host countries to determine the validity of the test required to enter that country. A negative PCR test performed no later than 72 hours is required to enter Hungary.