Before you travel

How to prepare for your dental trips in Budapest?

When you make the first contact with the dental clinic that you like, and made sure that they are the best provider for your care, you can start preparing your first dental trip to Budapest! We have collected the most important steps and a selection of the most useful advices to secure a safe and relaxing experience for you.

1. Treatment plan & price estimate

In order to figure out what treatment would be the best for you, your dentist or oral surgeon in Budapest will need several pieces of information from your side.

  • panoramic X-ray, some pictures of your teeth and a CT scan are not only useful but mostly necessary documents to provide proper diagnostics and treatment planning for you. Your past dental treatment history, general medical conditions and list of medication may also affect your treatment options so make sure to pass this information to your clinic before your treatment plan is created.
  • Your main concerns and preferences regarding the solution. Usually there are more than one treatment options to sort out the most frequent dental problems such as pain, missing teeth or a wobbly old denture. To plan your dental treatment, please let your dentist know if you have any special requirements. For some patients the most important factor is to finish the treatment in the shortest possible time, while others are more concerned of finances.

2. Travel arrangements

If you are satisfied with the treatment plan that was sent to you, it is finally time for your journey to be organized. Discuss with your patient care representative how many days you’ll need to spend for your dental treatment in Budapest and which dates would be the best for your dental treatment. We recommend sorting out all arrangements at least a few weeks in advance, to avoid anxiety and unnecessary extra expenses.

  • If you have more than one airlines with flights to Hungary, make sure to check their deals for the recommended dates. You may find exceptionally low-priced tickets making you save even more on your dental treatment in Budapest.
  • With your flight tickets booked, you can choose your accommodation. Check if your dental clinic has any partner hotels with special rates for dental tourists. You can make the booking yourself or have your patient care representative do it for you. Always ask for a written confirmation if possible.
  • Book your airport transfers for the day of your arrival. If your dental clinic offers you transfers too, you can skip this step as your clinic staff will take care of this.

3. Prepare for your stay & dental treatment in Budapest

Once all the arrangements have been sorted out as regards to the dentist appointments, flights and accommodation, there are a few other things that is useful to check before the big day of departure.

  • If you have any medical reports that may be relevant for your dental treatment, please bring them along. Any CT scans, X-rays, blood test or allergy test results, your list of medicines can be important and useful.
  • Make sure you have all important information regarding your dental treatment printed – the phone number of your patient representative, the address of your dental clinic in Budapest, the address of your hotel. Smartphones are a great addition to our lives but they tend to disappoint you in the most important minutes.
  • Hungary is located in the CET zone which means –1 hour compared to Greenwich Time. Don’t forget to reset your watch if necessary so you can get ready for your dentist appointments on time.
  • Make sure you are available on the phone during your entire stay. Your clinic may need to reach you to tell you important information regarding your treatment. If necessary, call your phone provider before you depart to make sure you are free to use your service internationally.
  • Even if you plan to discover Budapest’s best cultural programmes and restaurants, you should be flexible enough to be available for your dentist whenever necessary.
  • Always check your balance in case you plan to settle your payment by card. Each bank service works differently abroad, so it is worth giving them a call and ask about the conditions. Also, make sure your payment limit is adjusted to your expected expenses.
  • In case you wish to pay by cash, please note that we only accept Euros or British Pounds as cash payment. However, have some Hungarian forints for your everyday spending as Euros are not generally accepted in Hungary.
  • In case anything (including your flight details, accommodation preferences, medical conditions, etc.) changes at any point, please let your patient care representative know immediately. Your clinic staff also has to prepare for your arrival and the slightest change in the plan may require further actions from their side.