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    Dental treatment abroad, at MDental Clinic Hungary

    The state of our teeth is in a close connection with our general health. This is why it is essential to take care of our teeth and gum or when it is not possible anymore, replace the missing teeth. If it does matter to you how much you should pay for your dental treatment, the possibility to have dental implant abroad is a considerable option.

    On this site you can read reasons about why you should choose a dental clinic abroad and you can also find valuable information about the advantages of the dental treatments performed at our MDental Clinic Hungary.

    Treatments after a long journey for a charming couple

    Brigitte and Patrick traveled to us straight from New-Caledonia

    Bridge, Crowns and Implant for Michel

    The story of Michel’s treatment goes back to 2018

    Treatments for Leila in less than a week

    A new dental masterpiece by Dr. Perenyi

    The wise choice of Annie

    Our recent patient Annie, from France, received a bridge with ceramic crowns.

    The story of Evelyne and Patrick

    After several failures of communication with various clinics in the capital offering no French communication nor interpreters, their choice has definitely fallen on MDental Clinic.

    Meeting Didier a second time

    We had the honor of welcoming Didier from Trois Ilets in Martinique a second time.

    Implants and crowns for Benharrous

    In order to obtain his desired treatments, Benharrous came to us from the city of Argenteuil in France.

    Crowns, bridge and implants for Angelo

    We were very much pleased to welcome Angelo from Belgium to our clinic. He came with his lovely wife, Godelieve whom we also had the chance to write a previous blog post about.

    Implant with metal-ceramic crown for Nazih

    Nazih, from France, had requested different quotes from several clinics.

    Crowns and prosthesis for Godelieve

    We had the pleasure to welcome Ms. Godelieve from Belgium for a combined precision prosthesis and 4 ceramic crowns.

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