High performance dental microscope

The most modern dental microscope

Designed to deliver exceptional performance in root canal care, diagnostic screening and dental surgery, the state-of-the-art Prima Mμ microscope guarantees unparalleled image quality.

Equipped with a nuVar variable focal length lens, the Prima Mμ is capable of capturing images without reflections with natural colours and contrasts.

The excellent lens and illumination will satisfy all dental needs.

Advantages of an operating microscope in non-surgical root canal treatment

The microscope is an advanced technological tool that helps detect pain, as well as better visibility of the condition of the teeth for a clear diagnosis. Among the disciplines of dentistry that require a microscope, we can mention the root canal treatment because in endodontics, the work is performed on a millimeter scale at a depth of 10–30 mm in the space of the canal.

All root treatment procedures can be performed with high accuracy and safety using the equipment. The microscope allows you to:

  • identification of abnormalities from dental enamel to root depth.
  • finding possible cracks.
  • search for perforations and their possible treatment.
  • research, diagnosis and treatment of internal / external resorptions.
  • easier treatment of tooth pulp in case of very deep tooth decay (or accidental injury)

Closure of microscopic root canals with a vertical root canal filling system

The Gutta-Smart warm vertical root filling system ensures safe and effective root filling. The vertical root filling technique involves compacting the root canal from the crown portion of the tooth to the apex, and repeating this operation until the canal is completely filled.

At Medicover Dental, the final root filling always happens after the most effective laser bactericidal disinfectant treatment.