Dental Consultation Package in Hungary

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If you decide to have your dental treatment at Medicover Dental Clinic Hungary, we have a special offer for you! Our First Consultation package includes:

  • FREE airport - hotel - airport transfers
  • a FREE digital panoramic x-ray (unless you want to take it with you)
  • FREE consultation, quote and treatment plan

Uncertain about what to expect at Medicover Dental Clinic?

FREE Consultation and flight package

Hundreds of satisfied patients are treated at Medicover Dental Clinic each month. Read our patient reviews regarding their experience at our clinic.

What happens at a FREE consultation at MDental clinic

What can you expect at a local consultation?

  • an X-ray is taken
  • a dentist looks into your mouth and at the X-ray
  • an initial ‘treatment plan’ is provided to you
  • you pay for the consultation and the X-ray
  • when you travel abroad for treatment an estimated 60-70% of treatment plans will change significally and in many cases patients will pay a 20-30% higher price than estimated in the original treatment plan

What happens at a FREE consultation at Medicover Dental Clinic?

  • digital OP (orthodont panoramic) X-ray
    • if necessary intraoral X-ray and CT scan is taken
  • a cosmetic dentist examines you
    • and if necessary, an oral surgeon examines you
  • a comprehensive and precise treatment plan is provided
  • the consultation and the X-ray is FREE

Nothing is easier than to have your consultation and treatment at our clinic in Just 4 Easy Steps.

what to expect at MDental Clinic

Why don’t we send a dentist to provide local consultation?

A single dentist would provide you only with an estimate of the treatment you might need. To provide comprehensive and professional local consultations we would need a team of specialized professionals and clinical equipment. Simply conditions are not provided for a local consultation.

Beside specialized professionals it is also vital to have access to diagnostic tools such as digital X-rays and CAT scans, especially in cases of placing dental implants.