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    What is a dental crown?

    A crown is a type of dental restoration that fully cups over the part of a tooth or dental implant that lies at and above the gum line. Dental crowns – often referred to as “dental cap”, “tooth cap” or “porcelain jackets” – are necessary when the tooth is decayed to an extent that it cannot be filled or partly restored by an inlay or onlay, so it has to be filed under local anaesthesia and then covered with a crown.

    Porcelain fused to metal crown

    Porcelain fused to metal crowns – also referred to as metal ceramic crown or PFM – are a traditional type of crown often used in case of single crowns and bridges or crown anchored on a dental implant.

    Porcelain fused to metal crown

    This type of crown is a veneering of porcelain with a white tooth-like appearance fused to a metal shell that fits over the filed tooth. It’s preferred by it’s durability and strength. Due to porcelain coating surface of the crown does not discolour.

    How much does a porcelain crown cost?

    Below you can find two typical cost examples for porcelain crown(s) (3 unit porcelain bridge and porcelain full bridge) prepared for you to better understand the cost and see the necessary treatments. Please note that possible post and core is not included in the calculation.

    Cost example for porcelain bridge of 3 crowns
    Cost in €Cost in £
    TreatmentPcs.Price per unitTotal feePrice per unitTotal fee
    Consultation10 €0 €0 £0 £
    Panoramic X-ray10 €0 €0 £0 £
    Temporary crown330 €90 €25 £75 £
    Porcelain crown3199 €597 €153 £459 £
    Check up10 €0 €0 £0 £
    Total687 €Total534 £


    Cost example for porcelain full bridge of 12 crowns
    Cost in €Cost in £
    TreatmentPcs.Price per unitTotal feePrice per unitTotal fee
    Consultation10 €0 €0 £0 £
    Panoramic X-ray10 €0 €0 £0 £
    Temporary crown1230 €360 €25 £300 £
    Porcelain crown12199 €2 388 €153 £1 836 £
    Check up10 €0 €0 £0 £
    Total2 748 €Total2 136 £

    Benefits of metal ceramic crown

    • Strength: a good choice for either front or back teeth
    • Durability: long lasting and reliable restoration
    • Natural looking: tooth-coloured surface
    • Precision: the special computerized CAD-CAM technology guarantees exquisite aesthetic result and fit

    Porcelain fused to metal crown vs. zirconia crown

    Although porcelain fused to metal crown has many advantages due to like dark line phenomenon right at the crown edge that in some cases appear, it is not the best restoration solution in terms of aesthetics.

    CharacteristicZirconia crownPorcelain crown fused to metal





    Very good



    Very good


    Excellent, colour matrix

    Very good, stratification

    Bearing capacity
    Metal allergy



    For the finest, natural and toothlike restoration zirconia crowns are the best options.

    Read more about dental crowns and implants

    Before and after pictures for porcelain fused to metal crown

    Case 1 – Worn, discoloured and stained upper front teeth

    This patient wanted to have her worn and discoloured (yellow stains) teeth to be treated in order to get a white and esthetic new smile.

    Case 2 – Heavily worn and stained front teeth

    Heavily worned and stained teeth were rebuilt with white and natural looking porcelain crowns. Our patient got back his confidence and dares to smile at his friends and relatives again.

    Case 3 – Misaligned and chipped upper front teeth

    This patient had chipped and misaglined upper front teeth replaced with porcelain crowns.

    Patient review video

    Watch our videos and get information about dental treatments and our kind and welcoming dental team.

    About CAD/CAM technology

    The porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crown is designed and manufactured by a special computerized CAD/CAM technology assuring the best precision beside other benefits which cannot be guaranteed by other conventional restoration methods. The perfect outcome is reached in a very short lapse of time due to in almost all steps computerized workflow. PFM crowns provided by our dental clinic are made of premium dental materials.

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