I can only recommend MDental

When I received the cost and treatment plan from my dentist which contained the price 2900.00 € for a bridge, I decided to get an offer from MDental Clinic Budapest as well. They answer came real fast and the bottom line was 1350.00 €. The treatment period was determined in three appointments in one week. Since I have known Budapest for a long time, I was really happy to visit this city again. The first appointment was on Monday when I had been prepared for the treatment with a nice conversation. I felt from the beginning that my issue is taken good care of by Dr. Laura Gotai. After another appointment in Thursday, I got my bridge on Friday’s session. It fitted instantly, without any pressure or tension. At the end of the treatment I paid 1140.00 €. If I think of this week spent in Budapest as a vacation, with the price of the hotel and the flight together for about 350.00 €, then I can say everything was really OK. I can only recommend MDental Clinic Hungary!