Zirconia or porcelain crown? Which one would be the best for me?


The dental crown offers a solution to those whose tooth is too decayed, damaged or malposed and can not be repaired otherwise.

The dental crown can be placed on the prepared tooth or on a dental implant.

When is the dental crown placed on our own tooth?

The dentist may prefer the use of the dental crown for many reasons when the inlay, onlay or dental filling does not seem to be sufficient.

Here are a few of them:

  • there may be a root canal treatment due to large decay, but the tooth root might remain strong enough to hold the crown
  • when the part of the tooth above the gum is too damaged but the root can be used as the base of the dental crown
  • 1 or more teeth are so malpositioned that the deformity can not be treated with any dental appliances, because of periodontitis for example. In this case, often, the smile can be corrected only with the help of crowns.

Preparation of the own tooth before fixing the dental crown

  • root canal treatment
  • internal and external preparation of the devitalized tooth
  • the dentist is taking the impression and placing a temporary crown
  • the final dental crown is being fixed on the base

How do we place the crown on the dental implant?

  • when the healing period after the dental implantation has passed, an impression is taken from the surrounding area of the dental implants on both jaws
  • we create the crown or the bridge to place, by using CAD / CAM technology
  • the dentist adjusts the tooth replacement until it becomes the most comfortable and feels as natural as possible for the patient

We use CAD / CAM technology to create tooth replacements in our dental clinic. This modern method makes us possible to create the most precise artificial teeth, and helps us providing a perfectly adjustable and personnalized color, at the request of the patient.

Zirconia or porcelain crown?

The two types of crowns that are the most popular among our patients are the zirconia crown and the ceramic crown. Both offer a durable solution but there are some differences.


Both look beautiful once they are properly fixed but the appearance of the zirconia crown is much more natural and its color remains durable for longer.


The ceramic crown costs less than the zirconium crown, however it may be important to know that even if the metal-ceramic (PFM) crown is the least expensive solution, in case of metal allergy it might be problematic to wear it. While in the case of whole ceramic crowns or zirconia crowns, this allergy does not appear.


It is true that both types of crowns are durable tooth replacements, still the zirconia crown’s strength is incomparable to any other materials.