Why is Hungary the main dental destination country in Europe?


Every year, more and more patients decide to have their dental treatments abroad to save money and to experience a different culture.

Hungary could gain the leading position in dental tourism with over 70,000 dental tourists a year by the outstanding cost-benefit ratio, in the hands of the best experts, using the latest technology and last but not least by its attractive capital.


For example, having a popular complete dental implant done in Hungary averages two-thirds less than in the United Kingdom and saving money and time by providing an extended guarantee for your treatment and dental work. Furthermore, costs of dental treatment in Hungary can be partially covered by some foreign health insurance companies and social security associations.


Besides the Western Hungarian counties already discovered by our Austrian neighbors, the capital city of Hungary, Budapest has also become one of the most prominent targets of dental tourism for Western European residents since the appearance of the low-cost airlines.

Breathtaking view

This growing interest of the foreign patients can also be explained by the various activities and attractions in the city throughout the whole year.

  • The stunning view from the Buda Hills over the capital or the landscape from the Danube side along with the Parliament and the Castle Hill are sure to make your trip a memorable one.
  • This beautiful city also abounds in thermal springs and, not surprisingly, its bathing culture has been developed for many centuries. This exceptional medicinal water is relaxing hundreds of thousands of travelers every each year.
  • Hungarian cuisine is offering a wide range of specialties from the high-quality street food to the specialties of the traditional kitchen, including the famous Hungarian goulash, fish soup or the unique desserts and high quality wines.
  • The streets of Budapest allow you to take a look into the eventful good old days of the city by its historic buildings, monuments and outstanding architecture from the outside as well as from the inside. Numerous fascinating museums help you to discover classic and contemporary artwork and the history of the country.

Life quality changing

Therefore, you can easily find the activity of your taste at any time of the year to get back home with some cherished memories while our highly trained and skilled professional team gives you the glistening smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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