Why is Hungary a popular destination for USA dental patients?


We’ve all heard or read fairy tales of patients leaving their home with major dental problems and returning a week later with a brand new smile, and instead of having dental issues, they now have major savings on their bank account.

How is this possible?

In our previous articles, we have discovered why dental tourism is a constantly increasing market in Europe. The top European destination according to independent sources for medical tourism is a small but lovely country in the heart of Europe: Hungary.

Hungary is known for its ideal location and internationally acclaimed high standards of their dental care professionals such as dentists, dental hygienists and dental lab technicians. Therefore, having dental treatment in Hungary is not only a reasonable financial decision: Hungarian dentists enjoy excellent reputation worldwide, providing high quality care for their patients.

Dental Tourism from the United States – is it really worth it?

Alright, so Western-Europeans can save thousands on their dental treatment if they’re having treatment in Hungary. It doesn’t sound that surprising considering the discounted fair Low-Cost airlines offer.

But what about the ones living in the States?

If Americans need extensive dental work that is not covered by their insurance, what other options do they have?

Is there any solution other than travelling to nearby third world countries for dental treatment where they don’t even speak English?

Well, we have good news for you. Dental tourism to Hungary is not exclusive to Europeans. The savings you can make on your dental treatment bill would not only cover your travel expenses, but will allow you to save massive amounts on your dental treatment even if you travel from the States.

Full-mouth restorations can be unreachably expensive in the United States for the average citizens, and many of them end up having less costly removable dentures – however better solutions are available.

For a fully fixed, implant supported bridge, the patients are required to visit Hungary twice to complete all stages of their treatment. Let’s do a little calculation to find out if it is really worth travelling to Hungary for dental treatment.

Below we’ve calculated the price for a full-mouth restoration

  • Average treatment price in the USA: $32.400 
  • Medicover Dental Clinic (Budapest, Hungary) treatment price: $11.300
  • Travel expenses: $1.850 (including 2 return flight tickets + 11 nights in a 3 star hotel)

Total saving: $19.250→ 59.4%

Top 5 reasons why Hungary is the best destination for your dental holiday

  1. Cheaper than ever – Due to the US Dollar getting stronger and stronger in the recent years, it has become even more affordable for USA citizens to travel to European countries lately. According to MarketWatch, Hungary is now within the top 10 destinations where the value of a dollar has increased the most, making travel expenses even more affordable.
  2. Treatment quality – Hungarian dentists are globally known for their superior level of education, precision and high standards – which is of course not exclusive for local patients.
  3. Experience in treating foreign patients – Hungary has been one of the very first countries treating a large volume of foreign patients. Additional services such as travel organization take the entire patient experience to a higher level for patients having treatment in Hungary.
  4. Holiday activities – Getting dental treatment abroad does not have to be only about dentist appointments. Budapest is one of the most beautiful European cities with a wide range of cultural and leisure programmes.
  5. Excellent value for your money – Dental tourism is mainly about savings, but who would want to get poor quality service when it comes to their health – even if it’s cheaper? Hungary is a great place to enjoy a short vacation, get excellent treatment and still save thousands of dollars.