What is cosmetic dentistry and what types do exist?


Cosmetic dentistry is needed if a piece of the patient’s tooth or the whole tooth is missing, even if the tooth itself is in such a bad condition that needs to be extracted.

There are more types of dentures, it can be fixed or detachable (or fixed removable denture). Fixed replacements are mostly bridges, crowns or dentures.

What does dental implant mean?

The artificial replacement of the tooth root is called tooth implant, which takes places in the jaw bone. The crown, the entire bridge, or the removable fixed denture are placed on it. The material of the implant is titanium, which does not irritate the surrounding tissues, and it is 100% biocompatible.

What is the dental crown and what types can we distinguish?

The crownis a fixed artificial dental restoration, located on the tooth piece above the gum, optionally can be attached to a tooth implant. If the tooth itself is too damaged that it can’t be applied to dentures, the crown may be a viable solution. The most common types of material are porcelain crowns and zirconium crowns.

Our dentists suggest dental crown if there is a large amount of tooth missing due to neglected dental caries or fillings. The crown can also be attached for general correction of the teeth – or for aesthetic reasons (tangled teeth, large gaps between teeth).

What is the dental bridge and what is it suitable for?

In dentistry, the bridge is suitable for replacing missing teeth. The bridge is stand out of crowns. The difference is that crown is made only for one tooth, while bridge will provide a complete solution for more than one tooth replacement. There are adjacent teeth as well as an implant-based bridge.

Features of the bridge

It is possible to place bridge only if the adjected teeth are in a prepared condition. However, it is a prerequisite for the surrounding teeth to be completely healthy. Only in this case can our specialist place the bridge, and guarantee that it fits properly and firmly.

For a bridge built on the tooth, polishing the surface of the teeth is necessary to fit. Polishing itself does not endanger the healthy surface of the teeth. With this method, you will be able to achieve a perfect aesthetic look in a few weeks, which gives the look of a natural tooth. However, in chewing, it is worth to be careful when consuming certain foods (like harder snacks)

The features of bridge built on implants

In the case of an implant-based bridge, there is no need to polish the teeth, and the implant will make safer to chew harder snacks. Through this method makes the risk of bone atrophy low.

What should we know about the dental prosthesis?

The dentureis a method of cosmetic dentistry that provides effective solutions for patients who have a larger part of missing teeth, or in case of losing all teeth. The prostheses are designed to restore the aesthetic and chewing function completely. In case of dentures, there is also a fixed and removable type.

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