Veneer or crown? Which one would be right for me?


In the last couple of years, porcelain veneers are becoming more and more popular. Despite of it, a few really know the difference between the porcelain veneer and the porcelain crown. In this post, we are trying to answer the most frequent questions. Though, of course, the easiest way to find the right option for you is to consult with a dentist.

Is tooth trimming necessary before placing the veneer?

When patients insist to get veneers instead of crowns, they might be mistaken about the necessity of teeth trimming under the crowns. When a dental crown is being placed, the teeth needs to be shaped for sure, but sometimes it doesn’t mean more than 1 mm off of the tooth’s structure. When the teeth are being prepared for a veneer, it’s usually even less invasive, as just a small layer of enamel is removed.

At our dental clinic in Hungary, we only work with the highest quality of materials. This also means that our most modern veneers can correct small gaps between teeth, minor misalignment as well as give back the natural whiteness of the tooth. Some cases that previously would have been treated by crowns can now be corrected by using these modern veneers to totally transform their smile for the better.

Is tooth devitalization necessary before placing the veneer or the crown?

Veneers are not going onto devitalized teeth but those are covered with crowns. In our dental clinic in Budapest, we try to avoid tooth devitalization even when we are placing crowns, if possible. A couple of time after the treatment, these teeth remain alive at the regular check-ups.

In which situations the dentist prefers using a crown for the restoration?

When the front teeth are not in a good condition, misaligned or their filling is large. Specialists at our dental clinic in Budapest always recommend crowns in case of a died off tooth. Patients suffering from bruxism are also getting a crown usually as it is stronger and more resistant than a veneer.