Guide To Dental Tourism – Part 3: How to choose the right clinic for dental treatment?


In the 1st and 2nd part of our series, we have presented the main advantages of dental tourism to Budapest and also did some math on the possible savings. Now we will provide some very useful advice for future dental tourists, how decide to have their dental treatment abroad.

Obviously, there are individual factors for everyone when planning their first dental holiday, either a more complicated surgery or a cosmetic dental treatment, however, some general things are better to be kept in mind before making the final decision on which dental clinic to choose in Hungary. We have collected the most important aspects for easier selection.

1. Trust in the experience of the dentist

For every patient, getting to know their future surgeon or cosmetic dentist before undergoing any dental treatment in Budapest helps to develop the essential trust needed for the treatment to end successfully. Patients must strongly cooperate with the treating dentist and it is always a nice thing if this trust begins to build up as early as possible.

2. Patient testimonials

The best advice can always be given by patients having been treated by the clinic in question. Look for patient testimonial and reviews, patient stories or videos on Medicover Dental Clinic Hungary’s website if possible. You can also gather reviews about any kind of dental treatments, such as cosmetic dental procedures in Hungary from independent sources like healthcare comparison sites.

3. Clinic equipment

The outcome of the dental treatment and the entire patient experience is not only depending on the dentist’s skills. The quality of equipment and materials, the professional level of the treatment and the comfort provided to the patient all influence the level of satisfaction. At Medicover Dental Clinic Hungary we aim to serve our patients on the highest professional levels.

4. Quality of materials used

Each customer service will happily inform their prospective patients about the materials used for treatment. Be careful to choose a dental clinic in Hungary which applies internationally used and well-known products especially when it comes to dental implants!

5. Additional services

The more value you’re getting for your money, the better deal you’re making, so make sure to get information on what services your dental clinic abroad can provide you besides the treatment, no matter if you go for a longer procedure with a surgeon or only a two-days treatment with your cosmetic dentist. Transfer and hotel bookings, general travel organization, translators are all very useful and can make your entire experience a lot smoother.

6. Patient management

We highly recommend all future dental tourists to opt for a dental clinic in Budapest where each patient has a dedicated representative to take care of all organization tasks, explain certain details about the planned treatments or the costs involved to make the journey as relaxed as possible.

7. Consultation options

Before any commitments towards a dental clinic abroad the very first step is to ask for a treatment plan & price estimate. If the dental clinic you are interested to have your treatment with offers you the option for online consultations, or any free-of-charge alternative, your treatment can safely be planned to minimize the chance of any unwanted surprises.

8. Transfers

Some clinics offer free transfers between the accommodation, the airport and the dental clinic. This is usually a great help for the dental patients and also increases savings on the dental bill.

9. Location

However there are many of clinics offering dental treatments all around Budapest, we recommend choosing one that is located in a rather frequented area as it is a lot easier to find hotels nearby, and also to find ways to spend time outside the dental practice, even if you only have a few days cosmetic dental treatment.

10. Costs

Obviously the treatment costs are a top priority for everyone when comparing dental clinics in Hungary to each other. However we do recommend not to make a compromise on quality – collect information about the service quality first, and compare the costs later for the optimal choice for you.


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