Guide To Dental Tourism – Part 2: Can I really save thousands on my dental treatment abroad?


In our previous article we have summarized how medical and dental tourism became an ever so popular way of saving money on private treatments and enjoy a holiday at the same time. We have introduced Budapest, the capital of dental vacations with all its advantages compared to other destinations. This time, we’ll be more focused on the finances!

When it comes to visiting, for exampe, a cosmetic dentist in a dental clinic abroad, the very first thing people are associating it with is affordability. But is it really worth it? Will it still be cheaper if the treatment price is topped with my travel expenses?

Can the experienced and highly qualified surgeons, dental implant specialists and cosmetic dentists in Hungary provide you with a confidence in your smile for cheaper than your local professionals?

Let’s take a look at some typical examples to break that down. Below you will find the most popular treatments patients are interested in getting outside the borders of their home country. In all our examples we’ll calculate with average flight costs (£90/€100 for a return flight) and accommodation costs (£49,5/€55 for a single room/night). Further savings are possible as both flight & accommodation fees may be lower than in our article.

1. Crown and bridge prices in Budapest

For crowns or bridges, the required length of stay is 5-8 working days, and the entire dental work can be performed during only one visit to a dental clinic in Hungary.

In our example, we’ve compared the total expenses of a treatment including 10 standard dental crowns:

  • Average local treatment price: £5000 (UK) or €5500 (Ireland)
  • Medicover Dental Clinic treatment price: £2061 or €2290
  • Travel expenses (flights + 8 days of accommodation): £486 or €540

Total saving (compared to UK): £2453 (saving of 49%)

Total saving (compared to Ireland): €2670 (saving of 48.5%)

2. Veneer prices in Budapest

The patient in the below example had 6 ceramic veneers made for the upper teeth in under 5 days.

  • Average local treatment price: £5000 (UK) or €4500 (Ireland)
  • Medicover Dental Clinic treatment price: £1657.8 or €1842
  • Travel expenses (flights + 5 days of accommodation): £337.5 or €375

Total saving (compared to UK): £3004.7 (saving of 60%)

Total saving (compared to Ireland): €2283 (saving of 50.7%)

3. Full mouth restoration with dental implants – prices in Budapest

Probably one of the most popular reasons that makes patients opt for dental treatment abroad is fixed, implant supported bridges.

Just like any implant treatment, a full mouth restoration is performed in two or three main stages. If teeth should not be extracted, it is during the first visit that the implants are placed and left to heal for 3-6 months. During this time patients can still use their existing dentures or get a new, temporary one done. After the healing time, the implants are uncovered, the necessary impressions are taken, and the fixed bridges are fitted in roughly 8 working days later.

The below example presents a case where the patient is getting 6+6 implants on his/her upper and lower jaws, which will later be topped with 12-unit fixed bridges.

  • Average local treatment price: £38.400 (UK) or €35.000 (Ireland)
  • Medicover Dental Clinic treatment price: £13.027 or €14.474
  • Travel expenses (3 visits: flights + 17 nights): £1111.5 or €1235 EUR

Total saving (compared to UK): £24.261 (saving of 63.2%)

Total saving (compared to Ireland): €19.291 (saving of 55%)

You need smaller interventions, like braces, whitening, crowns? Our cosmetic dentists are ready to take care of you even faster and, of course, at a reasonable price.

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