The effect of tobacco on dental implants



Regardless of whether the dental implant is placed abroad or in the UK, some important preparations are needed before the procedure starts. Under certain conditions, dentists strongly discourage or simply refuse the placement of dental implants. While the lack of quality bone can be easily cured by bone grafting, the risks of infection during the healing of bone tissues are too high when it comes to a heavy smoker.

The impact of smoking on dental implants

As all smokers know, tobacco contains many carcinogens, including carbon monoxide and tar. According to the studies and experiences of professionals in dental clinics abroad and in the UK, these toxic substances significantly delay also bone healing. In addition, smoking promotes the development and progression of periodontics, another factor that makes it even more possible for patients to lose their dental implants just after their placement or shortly thereafter. The general decline of the immune system of smokers also leads to a considerable increase regarding the risks of infections.

Therefore, dental surgeons and cosmetic dentists at our dental clinic in Hungary strongly advise you to stop smoking before placing dental implants and to try to find a less harmful alternative such as nicotine patches or electronic cigarettes. Stopping smoking before the intervention can considerably reduce the risk of infection by improving oral health during the healing process.

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