Teeth whitening – Home or at the dental clinic?


You might ask this question to yourself once you think your teeth should be brighter. Tooth bleaching is a quite simple procedure in both ways but there are pros and contras on both side. Whitening our teeth is not an surrealistic thought anymore since there are a lots of options to get them brighter. We dream about Hollywood bright smile but some habits like smoking or drinking of red wine, coffee or tea might change the natural colour of our teeth.

There are two popular methods for a pain free tooth whitening procedure. You can choose if you prefer getting it done in a dental clinic or at home.

Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of the two ways of tooth bleaching.

Tooth whitening at home

We are using a soft retainer, filled with the whitener paste that should be placed on the teeth as described. If necessary, the process may have to be repeated a couple of times within a few weeks and restarted 3-4 months later regularly. This procedure is only advised when we need our teeth to become just a little bit whiter.

Though, it is important to mention that inlays, onlays, fillings and dental crowns don’t change colour after this teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening in the dental chair

The treatment only takes one hour. Once it has been finished, the result is immediately visible, unlikely to tooth whitening at home. We put on a special gel on the teeth that is activating under UV light. The main component of the gel is hydrogen peroxide that is whitening the lower layers of the tooth as well.

Sensitivity might only appear by the time of the treatment, it is gone afterwards.

Our dentists at MDental Clinic Hungary are using Zoom AP professional teeth whitening technology that may brighten teeth up to 5 shades difference from their natural colour.

This is the newest teeth whitening technology available on the market and Zoom AP has a proven record of being the most reliable and having the most visible difference from the discoloured teeth.

It is advised to avoid strong coloured food, like coffee, tea or red wine as the whitening effect keeps working in the first week.

Price of tooth whitening in the dental clinic might appear much more than the price of teeth whitening at home but if we consider the needed frequency of the home treatment, the cost is not that different anymore and the result is much longer lasting.

Comparison of teeth whitening at home and at the dental clinic

 Teeth whitening  Home  Dentist
 Efficiency  1-2 shades brighter  5 shades brighter
 Sensitivity  might be for longer  only by the time of the treatment
 Length of treatment  has to be repeated, few hours at a time  quick (1h)
 Durability  1-2 years  2-4 years
 Cost  lower  higher