What about a free flight ticket?


If you start your dental treatments at MDental Clinic in Budapest until September 30, 2019 and if the total value of your treatment exceeds 2.000 EUROS / 1.800 GBP, we refund the price of your plane ticket up to 180 EUROS / 160 GBP! So if your flight costs are under 180 EUROS / 160 GBP, your travel is free!


What we offer you on top of that:

  • FREE One-night stay for up to € 52 (special conditions may apply)
  • FREE Consultation and treatment plan
  • FREE OP X-ray
  • FREE transfer from the airport to the clinic

So, you see? It’s that simple! You just have to sit comfortably on your plane and come to us to get your new bright smile.

Do not miss this opportunity!

Contact our dental tourism agents now:


From UK: 08 08 2341 027
Hungarian mobile: + 36 20 352 1481
E-mail address:

Just 4 easy steps: Nothing is easier than to have your medical trip for dental treatment at MDental Clinic in Budapest, Hungary!