Five easy steps to get a tooth replacement on implant


To have a tooth replacement on implant is easier than you think! Learn the five simple steps to have your new artificial tooth replacement on dental implant.

  1. Book a consultation for dental implant to see your oral surgeon and get a tailor-made treatment plan and timing. At the consultation your dentist will answer all your questions and explain all details of the implantation procedure. We provide FREE consultation to our patients at Medicover Dental Clinic Hungary. Read more on « First Consultation » package at Medicover Dental 
  2. As first step the oral surgeon will extract the old tooth (if there’s any to be extracted) and do bonegrafting or/and sinus lifting if necessary. Read more on bonegrafting and sinus lift
  3. After a 2-4 months healing period the oral surgeon places the implant in the jawbone or maxilla that will be anchored firmly to the bone during the next 4-6 months healing period. The procedure is painless since there’s no nerve in the bone.
  4. As final step the oral surgeon or a dentist will put an abutment on the implant and place a porcelain fused to metal or zirconia crown on top of it.
  5. Leave your dental clinic with a happy smile!