Dental treatment in Hungary – Savings with no risk


Cost-effectiveness of dental treatment

More and more Western European people are choosing to get their teeth done in a dental clinic abroad to fight against being blocked by the high fees of dental services in their own countries. Those who decide to travel to get a dental implant in Budapest, for example, are usually staying abroad for about a week to get their dental work done.

The backdrop of the number of dentists in the National Health System in the UK resulted that a big number of British people can’t find an NHS dentist and are forced to go private. Because going to private can be extremely expensive, these people try and succeed to find an optimal financial solution at the highest standards in such countries as Hungary where they can save 50-63% already on only one single dental implant.

Moreover, it should not be forgotten that dental treatments carried out in a dental clinic abroad within the borders of the EU can be reimbursed at the same level as in the country of the patient.

Dental tourism without risk

No risk, firstly, because our staff is there to assist you from your arrival to the airport till the departure of your return flight, including treatment scheduling, looking for accommodation and organizing transfers in between the airport, the dental clinic and the accommodation in Budapest.

Due to the large number of highly qualified dentists and the exceptional amount of foreign patients in the last couple of years, Budapest has become Europe’s dental capital. The Hungarian dental tourism sector is welcoming over 70,000 foreigner patients every year coming usually for a complex dental care like a complete denture fixed on dental implants after spending a couple of days in our dental clinic in Hungary.

Without risk? Of course! Besides concentrating on the comfort of the patient and the time saving dental procedures, the safety is remaining our main focus of attention in our dental clinic in Hungary. The respect of the healing time is primary. Our lifetime warranty on dental implants placed in our dental clinic in Budapest, as well as our excessive willingness to say goodbye only to fully satisfied customers are other decisive points of our patients.

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