Dental implant? Where can I save the most?


Dental treatment is one of the most popular medical tourism procedures, although it’s not always an easy thing to decide whether we want to have our teeth done home or at a dental clinic abroad. For those who choose to find a premium quality service in a different country, saving money is an extremely crucial point.

But how can those significant savings be made? Let’s see below how average costs may vary depending on the country for a simple but very popular treatment like the dental implant surgery, which can easily be done in Budapest.

Average cost breakdown for an implant

First, we need to clarify what is included in the price of a dental implant. In general, for an uncomplicated case – when e.g. bone grafting or sinus lift is not needed – it’s the dental implant itself, and the surgery costs (also including implant exposure, healing screw and check-up).

As far as these costs are concerned, the comparative table below for a single dental implant gives a fairly accurate idea of the probable reasons of the patients choosing to have their dental implant done abroad, especially in Hungary.

Country Price (€)
United Kingdom € 1 330
United States € 2 130
Ireland € 795
Spain € 692
Poland € 510
Hungary € 478
Slovakia € 500
Czech Republic € 500

Average cost breakdown for an implant with crown

Asking for only a dental implant is not a typical case. For example, at our dental clinic in Budapest we have hardly ever experienced that someone had only come for a single dental implant without a crown. To accomplish the restoration of the whole teeth, other components are needed and further works are required.

Now let’s see the prices for a complete dental implant, including the costs of the dental implant, the abutment and the the porcelain crown and of course the surgery (still without sinus lift and bone grafting).

CountryPrice (€)
United Kingdom€ 3 484
United States€ 4 270
Ireland€ 1 395
Spain€ 931
Poland€ 1 075
Hungary€ 883
Slovakia€ 1 073
Czech Republic€ 1 200

When it comes to our teeth, we aim to find the best experts at the best price. And this table above shows exactly this best price. And as for expertise, you will find some more reasons why to choose us. Now all conditions are given to mix this with a pleasant travel experience in Budapest!

The only question to ask yourself is ”Which flight?

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