Implants and metal-ceramic crowns


Dentistry is not only a healthcare service. It is the branch where prothetic and cosmetic treatments meet to create a piece of art in the mouth! Oral hygiene and esthetics are the two most important factors when it comes to dental treatment.

And when it is about the costs of a tooth implant for example, lots of people choose our Medicover Dental Clinic Hungary! Because of our excellent price-value ratio Astrit also made the decision to travel to Hungary and get his tooth replacement done at our dental clinic abroad.

During a series of dental treatments at our dental clinic in Budapest, Astrit received two dental bridges on boths jawbones made from metal-ceramic crowns. The dental crowns were placed partly on his own teeth and partly on dental implants.

Dr. Imola Orban did an excellent job and Astrit was really proud and happy to be able to return to the UK with an amazing smile.