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    Mr. and Mrs. Danard with their oral surgeon

    Mr. and Mrs. Danard with their oral surgeon

    Mr. and Mrs. Danard with their oral surgeon

    Ms. Danard just completed her dental treatment at MDental Clinic. She came with her ​​husband, who was also treated at MDental.

    The Danard couple came to Budapest three times for the different stages of their treatments: extractions and temporary dentures at first, then to have dental implants and finally for the preparation of the final prostheses after the necessary healing time. The full ceramic bridge was an ultimate solution to Ms. Danard’s dental problems. The aesthetic result is overwhelming. Regarding her husband, he managed to regain full functionality of his teeth by an upper overdenture with a retention bar on 4 implants and by a lower telescopic denture.

    They left very happy, smiling and they will not hesitate to recommend MDental Clinic to their relatives and friends.

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