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    Crowns, bridge and implants for Angelo

    We were very much pleased to welcome Angelo from Belgium to our clinic. He came with his lovely wife, Godelieve whom we also had the chance to write a previous blog post about.

    Implant with metal-ceramic crown for Nazih

    Nazih, from France, had requested different quotes from several clinics.

    Crowns and prosthesis for Godelieve

    We had the pleasure to welcome Ms. Godelieve from Belgium for a combined precision prosthesis and 4 ceramic crowns.

    Zirconia crowns and bridge for Marina

    Marina came all the way down to our clinic from France. After studying the offers of different other clinics, she finally decided to have no less than 28 teeth treated at MDental, thanks to our quick response time and our effective communication.

    dimitri - zirconia veneers

    Zirconia Veneers for Dimitri

    Dimitri visited us from France to have zircon veneers placed on his teeth. This allowed him to keep his natural teeth, but to give them the shape and the color he wanted. He left our clinic satisfied with his treatment and with a bright smile.

    Before-After: Most popular treatments

    Please allow me to introduce our most popular treatments. All of the photos below were taken at our clinic to...

    What is pyorrhea and how can it be treated?

    Pyorrhea is a severe condition of periodontal disease in which the ligaments and bones that support the teeth become inflamed and infected. It is the result of advanced gingivitis. What are the symptoms? What can it cause? How to prevent and if it is too late, how to treat it?


    What is gingivitis and how to treat?

    Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease that causes redness and swelling of the part of the gum around the patient’s teeth. What are the symptoms? What can it cause? How to prevent and if it is too late, how to treat gingivitis?


    Why oral hygiene is so important?

    It is also essential to avoid other health problems or serious illnesses. And what kind of illnesses? Read about in our new article!

    What is cosmetic dentistry and what types do exist?

    Do you know how options cosmetic dentistry can offer you? Check out all of them!

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