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    Ultimate Guide To Dental Tourism Part 4. – How to prepare for your dental Holiday in Budapest?

    How to prepare for your dental Holiday in Budapest - MDental Clinic Hungary_Blog_dental-tourism

    Now that we are familiar with dental tourism in general, understand the financial benefits and selected the perfect dental clinic for ourselves, let’s finish our series with some practical knowledge.

    Once all the arrangements have been sorted out as regards to the surgery or cosmetic dentistry appointments, flights and accommodation. There are a few other things that are useful to check before the big day of departure.

    • Make sure you have the important information regarding your dental treatment printed – the phone number of your patient representative, the address of your dental clinic in Budapest, the address of your hotel. Smartphones are a great addition to our lives but they tend to disappoint you in the most important minutes.
    • Hungaryis located in the CET zone which means –1 hour compared to Greenwich Time. Don’t forget to reset your watch if necessary so you can get ready for your dentist appointments on time.
    • Make sure you are available on the phone during your entire stay. Your clinic may need to reach you to tell you important information regarding your treatment.
    • Even if you plan to discover Budapest’s best cultural programmes and restaurants, you should be flexible enough to be available for your dentist whenever necessary.
    • Always check your balance in case you plan to settle your payment by card. Each bank service works differently abroad, so it is worth giving them a call and ask about the conditions. Also, make sure your payment limit is adjusted to your expenses once your surgeon or cosmetic dentist has given you back the confidence in your smile.

    Please don’t hesitate to ask our surgeons and cosmetic dentists, and send us an e-mail to We’ll be happy to answer your questions. Interested in reading more about dental tourism?

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