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    Ultimate Guide To Dental Tourism Part 1. – Top 10 Reasons for Why Hungary Is So Popular Amongst Dental Tourists

    Your Ultimate Guide To Dental Tourism

    Is it safe getting dental treatment abroad? Can I really save thousands on my dental treatment in a dental clinic in Budapest? How can I know if my treatment is in good hands?

    These are only a few in the hundreds of questions everyone who is interested in getting affordable dental treatment abroad has already asked themselves. If you’ve ever been thinking about them yourself, our article was written for you.

    What is medical tourism?

    Never heard of medical tourism before? Here’s some explanation for you. Medical tourists are people who decide not to have certain medical interventions done in their home country, but have them abroad instead. Does this sound crazy?

    In fact, the reasons behind medical tourism are based on pure logic. The fees of private medicine in certain areas of the world (especially in the United States, Western and Northern Europe) have reached a level where it is hardly affordable for the average locals anymore. National healthcare may be a good alternative for those who can’t afford to have private care, but we all know the not so pleasing circumstances this may mean to patients: long waiting lists and compromised quality of treatment are the price one must pay for the seemingly free treatment. Considering the factors above, patients who need major treatment may consider to get medical service, such as their cosmetic dental treatment abroad to save on the costs.

    Obviously some medical problems are better be treated locally, but certain fields of medicine, especially cosmetic surgery, laser eye treatments, orthopaedic and general surgery and last, but not least cosmetic dental treatment, where even extensive procedurees can be performed in only a few days, have developed a great volume of demand for medical tourism. Currently the largest number of medical tourists are travelling to get dental treatment abroad, especially dental implant in Budapest.

    Budapest, the dental capital of Europe

    Amongst numerous dental tourism destination countries Hungary has been one of the most significant ones from the very beginning due to its ideal location and the internationally recognized high standards of dentist education.

    2003 was the year when the first low-cost airlines started operating flights from and to Budapest, the gorgeous capital of Hungary, and this has opened up an entirely new era for Hungarian dental tourism. The number of patients treated in the frames of dental tourism has dramatically increased from this point onwards, especially after the financial crisis began in 2008, and the demand for more affordable dental treatments became stronger than ever before. International media is currently ranking Hungary as being within the top 3 dental tourism destinations.

    The number of patients visiting Hungary for dental treatment is still increasing each year. This is no wonder considering that the difference between the local and the abroad prices may be up to 70% altogether. In case of some extensive restorative or cosmetic dental treatment, this can mean thousands of pounds of saving for the patient.

    Top 10 reasons for why Hungary is so popular amongst dental tourists

    Still not sure about going abroad to find your perfect cosmetic dentist? Let’s summarize what makes Hungary so attractive for patients seeking cosmetic dental treatment abroad!

    1. Affordable dental implants, crowns or veneers

    Patients can save up to 70% on their dental bill.

    2. Skilled and highly educated dentists

    The high quality of theoretical and practical training in Hungarian dental universities not only attracts patients to the country, foreign medical students also study in Hungary in large numbers.

    3. High standards in quality

    Patients are treated using the highest quality materials on the market and internationally recognized brands of dental implants and dental lab materials.

    4. No language barriers

    Hungarian cosmetic dentists and surgeons are not only educated to suit very strong requirements in their profession, but most of them speak several foreign languages fluently. For example our dentists at MDental speak English, French and German fluently for the maximum trust and comfort of our patients.

    5. Experience

    1 in every 4 dental tourism patient chooses Hungary as their destination. The clinic staff are usually well prepared to see foreign patients and to organize their stay & treatment.

    6. Skilled supporting team

    Those dental clinics that are focusing on treating patients from abroad often have a team specifically dedicated to patient care. Their dedication, professionalism, and attention to detail ensures patients they get the quality of service they seek.

    7. Location

    Budapest is easily accessible from any European country by direct, low cost flights of maximum 3 hours.

    8. Complete range of available treatments

    Including oral & maxillofacial surgery, dental implants, cosmetic restorations, bleaching, orthodontics, periodontics, conservative treatments & more.

    9. Holiday

    Budapest is a great place to explore in between two appointments in a dental clinic. The amazing architecture, the breath-taking view on the Danube bridges, the countless number of cultural events and museums to see are just a few examples this stunning city has for its visitors.

    10. Shopping

    Those coming from the Northern or Western regions of Europe will definitely find Budapest a place where not only dentistry is an affordable service – but mainly everything else is. Patients may wish to use their time out of the dental chair to get their hair done, to have other medical treatments or consultations, or simply to stuff their suitcases with some quality clothes or other items without spending too much.

    Please don’t hesitate to ask our surgeons and cosmetic dentists at our dental clinic in Hungary, and send us an e-mail to We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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    1. I had a number of implants fitted 8 years ago in Budapest. The assessment was positive, saying exactly what would be done,how much it will cost, the exact schedule. It was a great service.
      By contrast I had visited 5 British dentist for assessments, non could give me an accurate treatment plan, “it depends on what we find” . The prices ranged from £23k to £28k minimum, depending!!!
      Dentist Abroad, formerly in Harley Street, London, gave me an exact price and plan with no it’s or buts.
      For real dental work go to Budapest. I am still very happy with my implants and the treatment as well as my holiday in and around Budapest. Transport links are fantastic. UK could learn a lot about public transport, and fares are very low.

    2. Mary says:

      I am a lady in my late fifties with the worst teeth ever

    3. Peter Chapman says:

      I need a price for both top and bottom implants full set the cheapest price I have so far is £10,500

    4. Margaret Turner says:

      How much for a full set top and bottom of dental implants

      • Dear Ms Turner,

        There are several treatment options for a full-mouth teeth reconstruction using dental implants. I have sent you detailed information by e-email, please have a look and let me know if there is anything else I can do for you at this stage. I am always happy to help.

        With kind regards,

        Bea Sziklasi

        Dental Tourism Manager
        MDental Clinic Hungary
        Mobile: +36 20 530 19 05

    5. Antonio Lampis says:

      Hi. I would like an estimate for a full set on both arches, either all-on-four or implant retained denture. So far the best estimate is around £ 10,000. I also would like to know if you can do finance. I am willing to pay half the amount upon start of treatment. Thank you.

    6. Dylan says:

      I have had two teeth removed and would like implants to fill the gaps. The first tooth is on my upper left 12 and second is lower right 30. I’m very worried about going abroad to get implants but the cost of doing them locally is crazy. Please can you send me some information and expected costs if possible based on these teeth? Thank you

      • MDental Clinic Hungary Team says:

        Dear Mr Curry,

        First of all, we would like to assure you that having your teeth done abroad should not be a matter of concern. In order to be able to provide you with detailed information on the expected treatment options and costs, we will answer your questions by email.
        Have a nice day in the meantime,

        Kind regards,

        MDental Clinic Hungary Team
        Mobile: +36 20 530 19 05

    7. Cormac kirwan says:

      Approx price for top and bottom some of my top are false and my bottom are the worst in the world

    8. Dear Cormac Kirwan,

      Thank you for getting in touch with us. You have been sent a detailed answer to your question via e-mail. Feel free to get back to me should you have any further questions.

      With kind regards,

      Bea Sziklasi

      Dental Tourism Manager
      MDental Clinic Hungary
      Mobile: +36 20 530 19 05

    9. Julie kenworthy says:

      Need my teeth doing to have a very nice smile got 4 missing on my left upper side and 1missing on my right upper side my lower left have about 5 missing an on my right side lower about 5 please could you tell me what a need and how much plus how long it would take to get my teeth right.Also my partner needs his teeth doing has a few missing on both sides

      • Dear Ms Kenworthy,

        Thank you for getting in touch with us. I have sent you information via e-mail which I hope you’ll find useful. Please don’t hesitate to get back to me with any further questions.

        With kind regards,

        Bea Sziklasi

        Dental Tourism Manager
        MDental Clinic Hungary
        Mobile: +36 20 530 19 05

    10. Les Newman says:

      I suffer from bruxism and Sjögren’s syndrome; my top front (x5) teeth are very badly worn; would implants/veneers be a sensible solution? If yes, how much?
      Many thanks

      • MDental Clinic Hungary says:

        Dear Mary Newman,

        Thank you very much for honoring us with your trust and having contacted our clinic.

        We will contact you as soon as possible by e-mail and send you all the relevant information to your kind request.

        Best regards,

        MDental Clinic, Hungary
        H-1062 Budapest, Teréz krt. 55-57.
        Mobile: 00 36 20 24 96 274

    11. Anne Reilly says:

      I have some dentures hate them also have gum disease I Attend periodontist 3 times a year canI have implants

      • Dear Anne!

        First, we recommend our free dental check-up.
        Our experienced dentists will give you a treatment plan regarding to the implants.
        For further questions and termin don’t hesitate to contact us!

        Call us at +36 20 530 1905 -from the UK: 08 08 2341 027 or send us an e-mail to

        Looking forward to hearing from you!
        Your MDental Clinic Team

    12. John williams says:

      Hi I broke my upper canine (left), my so called dentist just pulled the rest out and took an impression at the same time for a single denture,despite still bleeding. The denture is very painful to wear and a poor fit (i have left this practise). I would like to have an implant to replace this if possible.
      Thank you

      • MDental Clinic Hungary says:

        Dear John,

        Thank you very much for honoring us with your trust and having contacted our clinic.

        We will get in touch with you as soon as possible by e-mail and send you all the relevant information to your kind request.

        Best regards,

        MDental Clinic Hungary
        H-1062 Budapest, Teréz krt. 55-57.
        Mobile: 00 36 20 24 96 274

    13. Remy Lopez Rus says:

      Hi I will like information about full implants
      Thanks for your help

      • says:

        Dear Mr. Tus!

        Thank you for your interest, our colleagues will contact you shortly!

        Yours sincerely,
        MDental Clinic Hungary

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