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Dental implant

What is a dental implant and why is a dental implant an ideal solution for tooth replacement? What does a dental implant cost? What are the steps of the implant dentistry? Learn more about the benefits of placing a tooth implant here.


Oral surgery

In which cases is an oral surgery needed? What is the process of a surgical tooth extraction? When is bone grafting or sinus lift necessary? What are the guidelines after a dental surgery abroad? Read more about oral surgery here.


Porcelain crown

What is a dental crown and specifically, what is a porcelain crown? Discover the benefits of the metal ceramic crowns, learn more about the CAD/CAM technology, the costs of a  porcelain crown in Budapest and take look at our impressive before-after photo compilation. Learn more about the quality porcelain crown in the followings .


Teeth whitening

Try the ZOOM! AP (Advanced Power) teeth whitening treatment at MDental Clinic Hungary and take the brightness of your smile to the next level! Read more about the cosmetic dentistry process in the followings